No Limit Export Ltd believes that its products are superior in quality than competition. Quality is the company's state of mind and is driving force, which motivates all our actions. No Limit Export Ltd lines of conduct are as follows:

Focus on customer orientation
Orientation on customer benefits
Long time scale
High customer service emphasis
High customer commitment
High customer contact

Marketing the quality of our services is central to the success of our business and is seen as value added and value for money, which are sine qua non's for success in an increasing competitive market. Offering free maintenance on our offer furthermore interesting.

Our products have intrinsic technical quality and No Limit Export Ltd contribution to ensure functional quality. Important component are: Our operating systems, the staff involved, the quality of interaction with the customer, the physical appearance of the facilities offered, reliability: the ability to perform the service dependably, accurately and consistently, responsiveness: the willingness to provide prompt service and help customers, assurance: provides knowledge, trustworthiness and ability to inspire confidence and empathy: sense of caring and individualized customer attention.

No Limit Export Ltd has defined standards of service based on customer expectations, formalized those standards and communicated them to its employees and customers. Systems and procedures for continuous appraisal of customer expectations and their achievement have been developed.


No Limit Export Ltd ensures that service quality is a continuing, ongoing activity, offering quality training programmes which embrace the service values and culture of the organisation as well as operational aspects concerned with knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours which should be routinely provided.


Ensuring quality assessment (checking out what is delivered) and quality audit (checking out the probability of quality systems and procedures) should be routine concerns. Offering systems for speedy competent problem resolution when things do go wrong and effective systems to deal with quality failures can limit damage and provide opportunities to rebuild quality reputations and ensure customer retention. Furthermore, No Limit Export Ltd has developed its strength by providing quality products and an excellent sales service support. It is adept at applying aggressive marketing tactics with high expenditure on advertising, promotion and dealer incentives. No Limit Export Ltd is greatly committed to training and on-the-job development. It believes that the market segmentation and positioning is at the heart of success.

No Limit Export Ltd is a company that has built and reinforce brand loyalty. To be effective, No Limit Export Ltd has to be specifically tailored to the tasks confronting it. Our structure and strategy must be in complete harmony.

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