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No Limit Export Ltd has been established since 1989 offering Coopermatic and Kill Paff products in the 'fly killer' and 'air freshener' markets. Coopermatic products are mainly used in hotels, restaurants, bars, discotheques, bakery shops, poultry farms, butchers, etc whilst Kill Paff products are for domestic use.

The design of both Coopermatic machine and Kill Paff apparatus is trendy and they are a product offering that is healthy. The ingredients used are from plants and Kill Paff aromatherapy range has medicinal virtues. In addition, the products are ozone friendly which are greatly appealing with arrival of a new generation of more environmentally literate consumers resulting from the integration of the environment into education.

The strengths of Coopermatic and Kill Paff products are numerous.
The Coopermatic machine for instance has an automatic mechanism, which triggers off the aerosol   releasing particles every fifteen minutes. There is no wastage since the machine controls the dosage. One   Coopermatic fly killer aerosol is worth eighteen times an ordinary fly killer efficiency.
Due to the fact the particle are present in the air permanently, the Coopermatic fly killer is a repellent too.
Both Coopermatic and Kill Paff are equipped with the on/off switch, which enables controlled consumption.   One Coopermatic aerosol lasts around five weeks if the machine is left switched on 24hrs/day whilst the   Kill Paff refills lasts 30 days if switched on 8hrs/day. Coopermatic and Kill Paff products bear the seal   ISO9002.


Please note that the Coopermatic machine works with one aerosol at a time. We supply fly killer and air freshener, which come in either lemon, lavender or anti tobacco fragrance. Our Kill Paff range consists of:

Kill Paff FRUITS aromas
Kill Paff FLOWERS aromas
Kill Paff COUNTRYSIDE aromas


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