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Electronic Coopermatic is an electro-automatic activator of aerosols, incorporating a high-pressure container with a dosifying value. It acts on the aerosol every 15 minutes, producing a regular, measured atomisation which ensures that there is the permanent minimum dosage necessary to eliminate insects and smells, achieving a protective barrier which prevents the entry of more insects. Once turned on, the only attention it needs is the changing of the aerosol every 1,2 or 3 months according to daily use.

Coopermatic insecticide aerosols cover a volume of 170 m3. With the airsprays (lavender, lemon or anti-tobacco) you can cover a volume of up to 85 m3. The Coopermatic system is ECONOMIC, because to treat the same space with equal efficiency, you would need 18 normal aerosols, much more expensive.

Coopermatic is the ideal system to eliminate insects and unpleasant smells in: hotels, restaurants, bars, dining rooms, kitchens, farms, bakeries, fishshops, butchers, groceries, barracks, homes, chalets.


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