Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mass Mailing

We all feel helpless against spammers. They operate from countries where spamming is not necessarily illegal; hence anti-virus programs cannot be extended to cover spamming and spying.

This may result in feelings of anger and vengeance. If you are enjoying mass-mailing a whole population: think twice. I had received anonymous mails from a well-known company in Mauritius; I worked out from hints given here and there what the company was - and called the director. My name has been removed from their list. But initially they had been telling me the usual story - "oh well, this is an automatic process, we can't remove the name".

The most notorious of all spammers has just been murdered. Read about it here: http://mosnews.com/news/2005/07/25/spammerdead.shtml

You talk about spamming but where did you get my address and do you not consider this spamming. I do.

Otherwise you do have a cool page.
I have a small database of my contacts collected over 15 years. You may have given me your name card at Infotech, or I may have use yellow directories for targetted marketing. A.
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