Thursday, July 28, 2005

Everybody is gradually getting used to the idea that politics - meaning, authority - is corrupt. They are even getting used to the idea that to succeed in the world, you have to participate in, or, at least, tolerate, this corruption. But at the same time, how enjoyable it is to criticize this authority for its corruption!
But in truth the real ones to be blamed for existence of corruption are the uncorrupted persons. I was talking about this to my friend yesterday, and he didn't seem to agree. Yet, if there is an increase in thefts, would you not blame the police for not cracking down the thieves ? In our ignorance, we are in fact appealing to thieves to stop stealing. No. Only the uncorrupted persons can remove corruption. By not doing anything, we, the honest people, are guilty of allowing anarchy to settle down: a situation where the police are the accomplices of thieves; a situation where the guilty ones define the law; a situation of pure anarchy.

Albert Einstein : "Evil prevails when good men sit down and do nothing"

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