Welome!Tractors and Heavy Vehicles are construction equipment. In a relentless effort to shape our society to our needs and, ultimately, the world, we make use of these goliaths everyday. Whether is it an excavator, bulldozer, wheel loader, backhoe or a truck they all are opening the way to civilisation at each wheel rotation.
Swift Efficiency
Since these vehicles achieve a tremendous amount of work in the most unimaginable fields, situations and conditions, there is a constant and increasing need for qualified and hard working mechanics to service them. Whether within the workshop walls or, as in most cases, in their site of work a mechanic must be able to repair and render these costly vehicles operational swiftly: exactly what we have been taught to do.

The Spanner is Mightier than the Sword!

This website is dedicated to the 2007 class (1st Shift) students of the Tractor and Heavy Vehicle Mechanics (PUTC - IVTB) at Piton. It has been a great year for all of us at the training centre and learning was inspring and exciting.


A special thanks To Mr Fortuno, to the training officers: Mr Sooben, Mr Alain, Mr Ameerally & Mr Untoo.


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