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Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius


PAM News May 2003 Extract

Message from the President

 Dear friends,

         I wish to thank you all on behalf of the executive members of the Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius for having reiterated your trust in us to represent the community of pharmacists. My executive members have then chosen me again to represent us all on the frontline, for the progress of our profession.

 In these days of the prevailing pneumonia, we have to exert our full professional competence in order to contribute in harnessing the proliferation of the epidemic. Yet, another reason for we pharmacists to take hold of our responsibilities at our respective pharmacies and onto the community as a whole.

 The association this year will continue to thrive again into pharmacy updates amongst our objectives, for which I would request your full participation as was the case last year. This year’s Congrès de la FPOI will be held in Madagascar on the 23rd, 24th & 25th October 2003. All those interested are requested to make necessary arrangements for their participation, especially for their replacement (necessary documents will be sent in due time).

 Following the success of last year’s residential seminar held at the Coco Beach Hotel, we have been requested to organise another session for this year. Thereafter we have earmarked a very interesting topic that concerns all of us; Management Seminar. We are planning to hold talks onto management of finance, staff, stock & the legal aspects of the profession. Keep in touch for further information.

 Another request I would make is to get you enrolled as a member of the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association, CPA, through PAM and benefit from international recognition and interaction from pharmacists from the Commonwealth community. Your payment should be made in favour of PAM, for which we will make a global transfer in favour of the CPA. So, kindly fill the enclosed form and send it along with your payment to PAM at the earliest.

 Finally I wish to congratulate all the pharmacists who have been nominated in the pharmacy board & respective committee in the Ministry of Health while awaiting for the official list.

 Thank you all for your support.

 Ravind Gaya


From: Ravin Gaya [webpam2002@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2002 7:40 PM
To: PAM members
Subject: website for PAM !

Launching of PAM’s Web site

The Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius is pleased to present you the launching of its official website.

PAM is a professional society serving pharmacist in Mauritius. Our goals is to meet member needs, encourage personal and professional growth and provide information about events, issues and continuing education opportunities, business and professional development material, industry news, and a wide variety of membership services.

The main objectives regarding the creation of our web site has been to provide a platform where pharmacists can meet, exchange views and can voice their opinions and where we welcome suggestions, thus helping them to define their needs and wants.

We have included a multitude of search engines and links regarding medications, pharmacy related information, PAM’s continuous programs, issues of PAM news, list of all pharmacies, wholesalers, laboratories and much more.

We do hope that we shall come up with a web portal in the near future and that our site will be of a great support to our dear members.

Address:   http://pages.intnet.mu/webpam

Email: amal_j@intnet.mu


Ravin Gaya

President of PAM