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Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius

The Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius is a professional society serving pharmacist in Mauritius. Our goal is to meet member needs, encourage personal and professional growth and provide information about events, issues and continuing education opportunities, business and professional development material, industry news, and a wide variety of membership services.


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In the news today :

Coming Residential Seminar on management organised by PAM Pam is organising a Residential Seminar on various aspect in  management on coming August

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Workshop on traditional medicine The Mauritius Research council organised a two days workshop on traditional medicine last April at Hilton Hotel

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Join the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association through Pam The Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association (CPA) regroups about 39  commonwealth countries. PAM is inviting it's members to join in the CPA

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Insurance port folio package to PAM members by La Prudence Mauricienne Last  April La Prudence Mauricienne organised a presentation on different insurance port folio which they are proposing to PAM members

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Keep updated on the latest in the world of Pharmacy through trade publication located in the Journals section. More on-line community is here! Visit our new Community category for all the resources you need to stay in touch with others in the pharmacy community. Features include Chat, People and Humor. (coming soon)  




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