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Awareness Workshop on Traditional Medicine

     The Mauritius Research Council in consultation with representative in the health sector organised an ''Awareness Workshop on Traditional Medicine' last April at Hilton Hotel. This workshop was conducted jointly by a team of international (Africa, Hong Kong, India, Madagascar, and UK) and local experts.


The main objectives of this workshop were to:

  1.  Increase awareness of traditional medicine (TM).

  2.  Highlight the potential importance of TM in the context of national health care strategies

  3.  Encourage research into the safety and efficacy of medicinal plant products

  4.  Encourage the production and rational use of medicinal plant products

  5.  Produce recommendations for a strategy on TM in Mauritius

            The workshop was inaugurated by the Minister of Health, Mr. Ashok Jugnauth, who stressed the importance of TM and its applications. Among the topics discussed was the status, trade of TM in Mauritius, Africa and Asia (Ref: Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicines) and the integration of TM into modern healthcare. Mr. G. Requin, present at the workshop, talked about the trade of TM and the legislative framework associated with it. Prof A Gurib-Fakim spoke about the status of TM in Mauritius and the challenges and prospects meeting validation of the ethno botanical data of some medicinal plants of Mauritius.

Among other topics talked about, were clinical trials using ayurvedic drugs and the quality assurance of herbal products.


Finally the followings were among some of the recommendations set forth.


  1. The review of national policy of TM

  2. Legislation review

  3. Development of registration guideline

  4. Reinforcing drug regulatory authority

  5. The setting up of an agency council to regulate TM and ensure good ethical practice

  6. Scientific support

  7. Development of appropriate training module

  8. Setting up of mechanisms for integration of TM into mainstream of public health system

  9. Promotion of Human resource management in TM

  10. Promotion of dialogue on professional collaboration between TM and allopathy

  11. Development of a national pharmacopoeia

  12. Promotion of conservation and protection of biodiversity

More information regarding this workshop is available at the Mauritius Research Council website.