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Am. Family Physician - Anthrax Vaccine: Review of Data
Offers clinical data regarding the safety of the vaccine and its importance to the US military.

Science News - Assembling an Antidote to Anthrax
Brief article reports on current research to engineer molecules that can fight the Anthrax bacterium.

VirtualFlightSurgeons - Anthrax Vaccine: Facts. vs. Fiction
Federal Aviation Administration's summary of arguments for and against the use of the vaccine includes a comprehensive collection of references and links.

Combination Vaccines

AAP - Combination Vaccines for Childhood Immunization
Review the American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement on the use of combination vaccines for children.

CDC - Notice of FDA Approval for TriHIBit
Details the indications, safety, and efficacy of this vaccine that combines DTaP and Hib for use in toddlers.

CDC - Notice of FDA Approval for Twinrix
Read about the combined vaccine for Hepatitis A and B vaccine. Details the vaccine's indications, usage, and safety.

CDC - Notice of FDA Approval of Comvax
Learn about this combined vaccine for children with Hib and Hepatitis B.

GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines - Twinrix Questions and Answers
Learn about the benefits of this combined vaccine for hepatitis A and B. Includes a dosing schedule and contraindications.

Hepatitis A

1UpHealth - Hepatitis A Vaccination
Read about the dosage and schedules for the hepatitis A vaccine, administered for prevention of the disease. Candidates include children and other high risk populations.

AAP - Prevention of Hepatitis A Infections
Browse the American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement on the prevention of hepatitis A in children by using its vaccine and immune globulin.

Hepatitis A - HepNet
Article discusses the results of a study that indicate that the vaccine curtails outbreaks of the disease.

Immunization Action Coalition - Hepatitis A Information
Browse journal articles about the hepatitis A vaccine and review recommendations, state laws, case histories, and other resources.

JAMA - Control of Hepatitis A Through Routine Vaccination of Kids
Review an article from the Journal of the American Medical Association that advocates routine immunization of children at high risk with the hepatitis A vaccine.

MEDLINEplus - Hepatitis A
Provides facts about the Hepatitis A inactivated vaccine. Important for those traveling to particular countries.

National Coalition for Adult Immunization - Hepatitis A
Provides a quick survey of the contagious liver infection and the vaccine that protects against it.

World Traveler, The - GlaxoSmithKline
Resource provides health information for international travelers. Check on clinic locations, health risks for a particular county, and the viruses, Hepatitus A and B.


Hepatitis B

1UpHealth - Hepatitis B Vaccination
Administering the hepatitis B vaccine ensures protection against the disease. Elaborates on the dosage, schedules, and candidates for the hepatitis B vaccination.

American Medical Association - Hepatitis B
Comprehensive resource on the vaccine. Includes links to hepatitis organizations and related articles.

CDC - Hepatitis B
Frequently asked questions about the vaccine. Find out who should get vaccinated, the safety of the vaccine, and side effects.

Healthfacts - Adverse Events for Hepatitis B Vaccine
Evaluation of results from a National Vaccine Information Center analysis into the the benefits and risks to children injected. From Feb. 1999.

Hepatitis B - BabyCenter
Fact sheet for parents with questions about the Hepatitis B vaccine. Pertains to babies 0-12 months old.

Hepatitis B - MEDLINEplus
Get details on who should receive the vaccine, what to know before getting it, and possible unwanted effects.

Hepatitis B - Mothering
Article discusses concerns over the safety of the vaccine. Read about a May, 1999 congressional hearing and subsequent actions.

Hepatitis B - National Coalition for Adult Immunization
Scan facts about the "silent disease" and learn how to prevent it. Gives a comprehensive list of who should get vaccinated.

Immunization Action Coalition - Hepatitis B
Read journal articles about the hepatitis B vaccine. With details on state laws, recommendations, photos of kids with hepatitis, and other resources.

World Traveler, The - GlaxoSmithKline
Resource provides health information for international travelers. Check on clinic locations, health risks for a particular county, and the viruses, Hepatitis A and B.


Pertussis - American Academy of Pediatrics
Article states that there is no causal relationship between the pertussis vaccine and damage to the central nervous system.

Pertussis - CDC
Comment on the safety and efficacy of the acellular pertussis vaccine with respect to the whole-cell pertussis vaccine

Pertussis - Doctor's Guide
Article reports on the results of a Swedish study that indicate the incidence of whooping cough vastly decreases with use of the vaccine.

Pertussis - NICHD
Learn about the acellular pertussis vaccine approved by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development


Influenza Vaccine

About - Flu Shots for Children
Learn facts about the influenza vaccine, such as who needs a flu shot, the effectiveness of the vaccine, and contraindications to getting vaccinated.

Am. Fam. Physician - Flu Vaccine & Health Care Workers (article)
Study found that influenza vaccinations reduced respiratory infections in doctors, nurses, and other health professionals.

Am. Fam. Physician - Influenza Shots (article)
Center for Disease Control announces its recommendations for influenza vaccinations.

American Family Physician - Influenza Immunization (article)
Article pertaining to elderly care and treatment discusses flu vaccinations in long-term care facilities.

American Family Physician - Influenza Vaccine (article)
Learn what groups of people should get flu vaccinations every year and explore the vaccine's safety and effectiveness.

American Family Physician - Influenza Vaccine (article)
Presents a case study about adult immunization and the influenza vaccine.

CDC - Prevention and Control of Influenza
Makes recommendations for using the influenza vaccine and antiviral drugs to prevent flu infections during the 2002-2003 flu season.

Flu Busters
National health care company offers on-site flu shot services to employers. Helps reduce employee absenteeism and helps save on sick-day related costs.%A

Immunization Action Coalition - Influenza Information
Details of the flu vaccine, including recommendations, state laws, photos of how influenza spreads, and other resources.

Influenza - American Academy of Family Physicians
AAFP recommends lowering the age of routine vaccinations from 65 to 50 years due to the rise in mortality rates from influenza at mid-life.



BMJ - Response To Diphtheria Booster Vaccination
Features a study in the 'Find Articles' archive looking at the effectiveness provided by a diphtheria booster shot. Includes statistics.


Diphtheria - CNN
The Food and Drug Administration recalls one batch of diphtheria vaccine found to be too weak, though the risk to children in reportedly low.


Diphtheria - MEDLINEplus
Consult a description of the diphtheria vaccine. Provides summaries of precautions, dosages and side effects.


Diphtheria - National Coalition for Adult Immunization
Learn who should get vaccinated and how to maintain immunity against the bacterial disease.


Diptheria - Combination Vaccine Filing
Read an article, from the August 1999 Pharmaceutical Executive, about Smith Kline Beecham's filing with the FDA for a combination vaccine.


Immunization Action Coalition - Diphtheria Information
Learn about the diphtheria vaccine, including recommendations, state laws, case histories, photos, and other resources.