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Mauritius is an island situated Just north of the Tropic of Capricorn in Latitude 20° south and longitude 57° 35’ east of Greenwich. Africa being the neared continent. Mombassa is some 1800 kilometers away. Mauritius is a volcanic island about 10 million years old – only 865 square kilometers in area. The coastline of 330 kilometers is almost entirely surrounded by one of the largest unbroken coral reefs in the world.

Below are some links regarding different sectors in Mauritius


Air Mauritius
The site map is the easiest way to find information. Has tours, hotels, airport procedures, their helicopters, their offices worldwide, etc. See also their US office.
Bank of Mauritius (Port Louis)
The central bank (like the Federal Reserve) for Mauritius. Has the full text of their Monthly Bulletin, annual report, the Year 2000 Project at the Bank of Mauritius, etc.
Cane Planters and Millers Arbitration & Control Board
"Its main functions are to arbitrate disputes between planters and millers, to control the milling and weighing of canes and to determine the quantity of sugar and by products accruing to planters and millers." http://ncb.intnet.mu/acb.htm
Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Maurice
COMESA, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
"COMESA [formerly the PTA] ...an organisation of free independent sovereign states which have agreed to co-operate in developing their natural and human resources...'. With its 19 member states and population of 300 million it forms a major integrated trading block." Has information on customs tariffs, road/transport including road distances, economic profile, etc. Has the text of Doing Business with COMESA: the Handbook, legal guides to establishing business, etc. http://www.comesa.int/
The Commonwealth On-line
Has a Mauritius page with information on the Flag, National Anthem, Geography, Society, Communications, Transport, Macro-Economics, Physical Economy, Traveller Information, History, Legal System, Constitutional Structure, Recent events. Has full text pages from the print reference, Commonwealth Yearbook. From Hanson Cooke Ltd., London. http://www.tcol.co.uk/index.htm http://www.tcol.co.uk/maurit/maur.htm


Government on the Internet - Mauritius government sites.
Mauritian Sites - directory of sites, loads faster than Mauritian Web Links.
Mauritian Web Links - huge directory of all sites from Mauritius. Takes a while to load.  
Ethnologue - Mauritius
From the publication, Ethnologue: Languages of the World, 13th ed. (Dallas, Tx.: Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1996), edited by Barbara F. Grimes. Provides numbers of speakers by language, dialects, linguistic affiliation, etc.
Global Road Warrior
Useful information for the business traveler or tourist to Mauritius. Has a section on using modems and appliances. Based on the reference book of the same name published by World Trade Press, Novato, California.
Info Mauritius.com
Commercial directory.
International Trade Centre. Executive Forum
It's 1999 Executive Forum had a case study (in English, French, Spanish) on Mauritius' approach to national export strategy, "Mauritius, a Coordinated Approach Based on Institutional Specialization." The full text is in Adobe PDF format. The ITC Centre UNCTAD/WTO (ITC) is "the focal point in the United Nations system for technical cooperation with developing countries in trade promotion." [KF]
Jensen, Mike - Internet Connectivity in Mauritius
Excellent information on internet service and telecommunications in Mauritius.
See also the main page,
African Internet Connectivity.
Library of Congress Country/Area Studies Handbook - Mauritius, a Country Study
Has the full-text of the Army Area Handbook long used as basic reference sources. Information on the history, society, economy, politics, national security. One can search across all countries or any combination of countries and browse the table of contents for a specific country.
Maurice Contact - Centre SYFED REFER Maurice, Université de Maurice, Réduit, Ile Maurice
Academic site with information on Mauritius education, research, a directory of the press, radio, and TV, culture (Black River Gorges National Park), the economy, foreign relations, etc.
Mauritius Business and Info Guide
Directory of businesses, government organizations, professionals, magazines, newspapers, sport associations, libraries, schools, doctors, hospitals, hotels, recipes, charities, real estate, etc. Based in Perth, Australia.
Mauritius. Central Statistical Office
Has the full text of Mauritius in Figures with important statistics, a list of its census reports and other publications.
Mauritius. Government
Official site. Links to all ministries, a brief history, full text government reports, latest and past Cabinet decisions, latest economic indicators, etc.
Mauritius. Government Information Service
Includes the Mauritius Newsletter in Adobe .pdf format.
Mauritius Island On-Line
Embassies directory and visa requirements, business, centre, travel, tour, hotel information, maps. Maintained by CompNet Solutions & Services (Maryland, U.S.).
Mauritius Labour Party (Port Louis)
Mauritius political party founded in 1936. Is a member of the Socialist International
Mauritius. Ministry for Civil Service Affairs & Administrative Reform
Mauritius. Ministry of Defence and Home Affairs
Mauritius. Ministry of Economic Development, Productivity, and Regional Development
Mauritius. Ministry of Finance
Has the full text of budget speeches, annual report of the Accountant-General, white papers, acts, etc.
Mauritius. Ministry of Women, Family Welfare & Child Development
Mauritius Newsletter (Port Louis)
Port Louis, Mauritius : Ministry of Information. Published twice a month. Full text of the latest issue is online.
Mauritius Online Business Directory
Business directory. Information from Net Space (Mauritius).
Mauritius. Prime Minister's Office
Has speeches, cabinet decisions, recording of the national anthem
Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute
Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority
Provides visa requirements, useful addresses and phone nos., basic information on the country, tours, places to visit, etc. They will answer travel related questions.
Mauritius Wildlife Foundation
"... the only non-governmental organisation in Mauritius to be exclusively concerned with the conservation of endemic species." On a site hosted by CompNet Solutions & Services (Maryland, U.S.).
Basic country information, a map, brief information on its energy sources and consumption.. By MBendi Information Services (Pty) Ltd. a business consulting company in Claremont, South Africa. 
National Computer Board
A parastatal created to "promote the accelerated diffusion of information technology" in Mauritius. Hosting for government web sites, Government on the Internet. Has information on IT issues and companies, a Y2K Site.
National Strategies for Sustainable Development, NSSD
Has the full text of Bass S.M.J. and Dalal-Clayton D.B. (1995): Small Island States and Sustainable
Development: Strategic Issues and Experience
, (Environmental Planning Issues No.8),
International Institute for Environment and Development, London. "focuses on the ecological, economic and social factors which typify small island states, and lead to their vulnerabilities." Includes case studies of recent island strategies in Mauritius, the Seychelles, the Caribbean, St Helena and the Solomon Islands. "the goal of the project is to encourage the implementation of nssds in all countries by 2005, so as to ensure that current trends in the loss of environmental resources are effectively reversed at both global and national levels by 2015.
Official SADC Trade, Industry & Investment Review 1999
Includes a country profile on Mauritius. Covers the economy, environment, labor, culture, tourism, trade fairs. Published by Southern African Marketing Company Ltd (Gaborone, Botswana) in assoc. with the SADC Secretariat.
Population Index on the Web
Retrieve citations to articles, book chapters, books, government documents, dissertations through a keyword search.  The online database covers all issues of Population Index from 1986+  (Vols. 52+) and a broad range of subjects: women's issues, fertility, migration, child mortality, economic development and population, nutrition and health, urban and rural spatial distribution, statistics.  The Index is published by Princeton University's Office of Population Research.
Public Relations Office of the Sugar Industry - Mauritius (PROSI)
In French and English. Has the full text of Sugar in Mauritius, (5th Edition published May 1997, includes a history), has full text articles from its PROSI Magazine, information on the Joint Economic Council, etc. Hosts the Public Relations Association (Mauritius) web site.
Recipes from Mauritius - Madeleine Philippe
In English. Recipes with photos. Has a mailing list for new recipes and tips on Mauritian cooking.
Stock Exchange of Mauritius
Telecom Plus Ltd.
In English and French. A subsidiary of Mauritius Telecom and France Telecom. Provides internet, fax, phone service, distance learning, videoconferencing. Has tourism information, etc.
Transparency Mauritius
Site to oppose corruption. Affiliated with Transparency International. See the Press Releases for Mauritius specific content.
Travel Document Systems - Mauritius Page
A visa/passport expediting service for U.S. citizens. One can print out a visa application form in Acrobat or Common Ground format. Uses the CIA World Factbook information though did not have the latest edition.
UNEVOC, International Project on Technical and Vocational Education
UNEVOC is "UNESCO's International Project on Technical and Vocational Education...dedicated to developing and improving technical and vocational education in UNESCO's Member States." Has a directory of UNEVOC's African centres for technical and vocational education and full text reports such as "Polytechnic Education in Mauritius" by K. A. Kasenally (May 2000).
United Kingdom. Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Travel information for Mauritius.
U.S. Department of State. Report on Human Rights Practices - Mauritius
2000 Report, 1999 Report, 1998 Report, 1997 Report
1996 Report
1993-1995 Reports
U.S. Dept. of State. Travel Warning - Mauritius
Travel Warnings Bureau of Consular Affairs:
United States. Embassy. Port Louis
United States Information Service. Port Louis
Has a full text guide on doing business in Mauritius, investment opportunities, links to Mauritius websites of interest to business people, Mauritius and U.S. holidays, Mauritius hotels, facts about Mauritius, USIS Port Louis newsletter on its activities, etc. Press Release
United States. National Weather Service - Mauritius
Has weather for Plaisance. Provides information for wind, visibility, temperature, heat index, dew point, relative humidity, pressure, and a 24 hour summary.
University of Mauritius
Includes the University's Newsletter, faculty, courses, university history, student organizations, etc.
World Wildlife Fund
Locate information on African countries and topics thru their keyword search engine.


L'Express (Port Louis)
The internet edition of the daily print newspaper has selected articles online and past issues.
Le Mauricien (Port Louis)
Selections from the daily independent print newspaper. In French and English. Also publishes Turf Magazine (in French) on horse racing.
Mauritius News (London)
Monthly newspaper founded in 1983 for the Mauritian community in the U.K.
News on Sunday (Port Louis)
Online edition of the print newspaper.
Le Quotidien (Port Louis)
Online edition of the daily print newspaper. Not as up to date as other online Mauritian papers.  
"information on the business, economy, government and tourism in the Republic of Mauritius." Includes offshore finance, the story of the dodo bird.