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 Industry Headlines

December 2002- January 2003      

Lipitor: $8 Billion Mother Of All Blockbusters
Lipitor drug hits $8 bln, but competitors close in...analysts believe it will become the world's first $10 billion-a-year drug...world's top-selling medicine …[ Reuters]

1/31 Extra Crestor Safety Data Will Be Submitted
Extra data underscores Crestor safety-AstraZeneca... confirmed the safety profile of its new cholesterol-lowering drug Crestor...extra safety data which will shortly be submitted …[ Reuters/Yahoo]

1/31 Small Study Casts Doubt On Acetaminophen For Knee Arthritis
Study Questions Acetaminophen for Knee Arthritis...study of 82 people with osteoarthritis of the knee found ... diclofenac sodium, but not acetaminophen, improved symptoms…[ Reuters/Yahoo]

1/31 Abbott Launches 20 Minute HIV Test
Abbott Laboratories and OraSure Technologies Introduce OraQuick Rapid HIV-1 Antibody Test...sensitivity and specificity comparable to laboratory-based tests…[ Abbott Press Release]
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1/31 BMS To Lay Off Scientists
Bristol Myers Eliminating 113 Jobs...mostly held by scientists, as it revamps its drug-development strategy …[ AP/Yahoo]

1/31 Nasal Flu Vaccine Faces New Delay
MedImmune Must Give FDA More Information on FluMist......FDA didn't ask for additional trials...asking for ``clarification and additional information'' on data the company has already submitted…[ Bloomberg]

1/31 Ivax Plans HIV Smart-Bomb Drug
Ivax says it will develop drug to kill HIV cells...targeting a protein only found on the surface of HIV-infected cells…[ South Florida The Business Journal]
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1/30 AB Rated Branded Generic Accutane; Ranbaxy
Ranbaxy Gains US FDA Approval to Manufacture and Market Isotretinoin Capsules...35+ team of Professional Sales Representatives who will promote Sotret(TM) to prescribers of Isotretinoin. The B.P.D. sales organization will be managed by the Innovex…[ Ranbaxy Press Release]

1/30 Bayer
Bayer plunges on pharma woes, lawsuit fears...lowest level since September 1993...ailing pharmaceutical unit and exposure to lawsuits over a recalled drug…[ Reuters/Yahoo]

1/30 Metadate CD Vs Concerta; Celltech Phase IV
Celltech Study Boosts Evidence Of Metadate's Efficacy...majority of patients had a better response to Metadate over other methylphenidate treatments, including Johnson & Johnson's Concerta …[ Dow Jones/Yahoo]
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1/30 Biotech Rx For Rare Disease Delayed
FDA needs no more data on BioMarin, Genzyme drug...regulators requesting certain supplemental information needed to approve their Aldurazyme drug, but asked for no more clinical data…[ Reuters/CNBC]
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1/30 Think Tank Regarding Top Reps: All About Relationships
Pharmaceutical Sales: Critical Skills Boost Physician Relationships...strong personal relationship is crucial for gaining access to high-prescribing physicians…[ Best Practices LLC]

1/29 TNF Blockers To Face FDA Safety Review
Arthritis drugs face safety review...tight-lipped about a scheduled March meeting, refusing to disclose exactly what the review of drugs from Abbott Labs, Amgen and Johnson & Johnson will cover…[ CBS MarketWatch]
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Eitor's Note: TNF is a cytokine that promotes the inflammation of human tissues. TNF inhibitors may be used to prevent the binding of TNF proteins with TNF receptors, thereby blocking the triggering of the inflammation cascade…[ taken verbatim from FTC.gov]

1/29 2 Inhaled Budesonide Meds Get Class B Pregnancy Label
FDA Approves Pregnancy Rating Label Change for Asthma Drug...All other inhaled corticosteroids are classified as a Pregnancy Category C…[ AZN Press Release]
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1/29 Injectable Acetaminophen; BMS
Bristol-Myers Squibb Announces Injectable Acetaminophen Licensing Agreement...exclusive licensing agreement for the development, manufacture and sale of an injectable acetaminophen...treatment of post-operative pain remains an area of significant unmet medical need…[ Bristol-Myers Squibb Press Release]

1/29 Meta Analysis: ASA May Reduce Cancer Of Esophagus
Aspirin Users Show Lower Esophageal Cancer Risk...aspirin showed the strongest protective effect, while other NSAIDs were "borderline protective…[Reuters/Yahoo]
Editor's Note: Above report contains explanation of intriguing statistical anomaly known as "reverse causation".
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1/29 British Journal of Cancer: French Fry Cancer Is Hogwash
Study Doubts Acrylamide in Food Causes Cancer...study suggests that either the levels in food are too low to affect cancer risk, or that the body is able to deactivate the chemical…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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1/29 Lumigan (Bimatoprost) Versus Xalatan (Latanoprost)
Eye Pressure Appears To Be Lowered More Significantly With Lumigan (Bimatoprost) Than Xalatan (Latanoprost)…[ Doctor's Guide]

1/29 Bextra Gets Canadian OK
Analgesic Anti-Inflammatory Bextra (Valdecoxib) Receives Health Canada Approval…[ Doctor's Guide]

1/28 Cialis Comes To Market
Lilly to launch Viagra rival in UK next week...Lilly claims acts faster and lasts longer than Viagra....U.S. launch is expected in the second half of 2003…[ Reuters/CNBC]

1/28 Ketek: Approval Letter #2 Signals Delay
Aventis antibiotic Ketek faces new delay in U.S....delay of three to six months...receipt of a second so-called "approvable letter" from the FDA requesting extra analysis of data…[ Reuters/CNBC]
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1/28 Generic OTC Loratadine Ready To Break
Schering-Plough Shares Fall...boon to consumers who've balked at the drug's OTC price tag, which in many cases is more than the co-payment insurers used to require…[ AP/Yahoo]
Andrx and Perrigo Announce Agreement To Market Loratadine Products...multi-year agreement whereby Andrx will manufacture and supply Perrigo with loratadine/pseudoephedrine 5/120 mg, loratadine rapidly-disintegrating and loratadine/pseudoephedrine 10/240 mg (generic versions of Claritin-D® 12 Hour, Claritin RediTabs® and Claritin-D® 24 Hour, respectively)…[ ANDRX Press Release]

1/28 Abbott, IMPAX Duke It Out Regarding Generic Tricor
Impax Labs sued by Abbott over generic Tricor…[ Reuters/CNBC]
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1/28 Pharmacia Jettisons Impotence Med To Ease Pfizer Takeover
Nastech gets back Pharmacia impotence drug rights...returning all rights to intranasal apomorphine solely to address the issues resulting from the FTC's investigation of our planned merger with Pfizer…[ Reuters/CNBC]
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1/28 Watson : Generic Mestinon (R) (Pyridostigmine Bromide)
Watson Launches Generic Mestinon(R)...used in the treatment of myasthenia gravis…[ Watson Press Release]

1/28 Japan Soon Gets 2nd Glitazone
GSK, Sankyo to co-promote diabetes drug in Japan...Japan's second-largest drugmaker, to co-promote its diabetes drug Avandia in Japan…[ Reuters/Yahoo]

1/28 Roche CEO Hell-Bent Against Novartis Merger
Roche CEO says Novartis merger to destroy value-paper..."I am absolutely convinced that a larger merger would destroy the inherent value of Roche," Humer said…[ Reuters/CNBC]

1/28 Medco Goes Online With New Generics First Tactic
Physicians Enter Cyber-School for Generic Drug Education...Medco Health Solutions Launches Generics First E-education Pilot Program to Provide Physicians with Easy Access to Generic Drug Information …[ Medco Press Release]

1/27 Levodopa Linked To Increased Heart Disease Risk
Parkinson's Drug Linked to Heart Disease…can boost body levels of homocysteine, an amino acid associated with an increased risk of stroke and heart disease…[ Reuters/Yahoo]

1/27 Selegiline Helped Smokers Quit In Small Trial
Parkinson's Drug May Help Smokers Quit...acts by delaying the breakdown of dopamine…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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Selegiline is a selective monoamine oxidase (MAO) B inhibitor, available commercially as Eldepryl.

1/27 Roche Heirs Demand No Novartis Merger
Novartis's Stake in Roche Fuels Merger Speculation...Oeri and Hoffmann families, who hold a slight majority of the voting rights in Roche, had no intention of selling...additional size doesn't have to be an advantage. It distracts from creating business value."…[ NY Times]

/24 AAAI Journal: Inhaled Steroids Don't Weaken Bones
Inhaled Corticosteroids Do Not Affect Bone Density, According to Research In The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology…[ American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology]

1/24 FDA Issues Serevent Statement
STUDY OF ASTHMA-DRUG HALTED...benefits of Serevent for the asthma population continue to outweigh the risks and that the serious adverse events reported in the trial were rare…[ FDA]
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1/24 Novartis Now Owns Nearly 1/3 Of Roche Voting Stock
Novartis turns up merger heat on rival Roche...revealed on Thursday it had spent $2.1 billion to lift its voting stake in Roche Holding AG to 32.7 percent…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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1/24 Purdue To Replace Stolen Oxy Pills Not Covered By Insurance
Purdue Pharma Will Replace OxyContin(R) (oxycodone HCL controlled-release) Tablets Stolen From Pharmacies...complete written police report, a photocopy of DEA 106 form, and written certification that any of the pharmacy's insurance does not cover the loss…[ Purdue Press Release]

1/24 GSK Gets EU OK For Steroid/B2 Agonist  For COPD; Seretide
GlaxoSmithKline receives positive opinion from European Committee for proprietary medicinal products for SeretideTM for the treatment of COPD...Seretide is the first inhaled steroid/long acting beta2 agonist combination product to receive a positive European regulatory opinion for the treatment of COPD…[ GSK Press Release]
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1/24 IMS: Internet Drug Advertising Works But Seldom Used
Pharmaceutical Lifetime Customer Value: Using Internet Tools...only 1% of all pharmaceutical marketing promotions involve the Internet…[ IMS Press Release]

1/23 It's A Bird; It's A Plane; It's Pfizer
Pfizer profit rises on blockbuster drugs..10 prescription drugs that each generated more than $1 billion in revenue last year...aggressive sales force put its muscle behind…[ Reuters/CNBC]
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1/23 High Court Hears Maine Rx Arguments
Drug Makers Challenge Maine Plan in Supreme Court...profound implications for prescription drug pricing...suggested that they may move to return the case to the lower court, in a way that gives Maine a chance to…[ Reuters/Yahoo]

1/23 Canadian Internet Pharmacies Sweat It Out
Net Pharmacy Business Drawing Scrutiny...number of Canadian companies in the business at 80 or more...revenues are believed to be as high as $650 million…[ Rapid City Journal]

1/23 NEJM: Epsom Salts Beat Nimodipine For Pregnancy Seizures
Old Drug Still Best at Pregnancy Seizure Prevention...anticonvulsant magnesium sulfate were one third as likely to experience seizures as women who received the drug nimodipine…[ Reuters/Yahoo]

1/23 Too Much Vitamin A Weakened Bones Later in Life ( In Men)
Too Much Vitamin A Boosts Risk of Broken Bones...highest blood levels of vitamin A are more likely to break a bone in their old age than their peers with lower levels…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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1/23 2.3 Million Americans Have Bipolar
Bipolar Disorder More Common Than Previously Believed...Three times as many Americans may suffer from bipolar disorder than previously believed...Suicide is the most serious risk of bipolar…[ HealthScout]

1/23 Trend Spotting: Chinese, Taiwan Junkies Turn To Tramadol
Tramadol Abuse Growing More Common in Taiwan...substance of choice for many drug abusers in Taiwan...not unique to Taiwan... situation was even more worrisome in China…[ Reuters/Yahoo]

1/23 Watson Will Buy Fiorinal, Fioricet Brands
Watson to Acquire Line of Pain Products…pay Novartis $178 million
[Watson Press Release]

1/23 Watson Launches Branded Generic Of Ortho-Cyclen (R)
Watson Launches MonoNessa(TM) Oral Contraceptive…[ Watson Press Release]

1/23 French Ad-Agency Lands Global Lantus Account
Aventis Appoints Euro RSCG Worldwide as Worldwide Advertising Agency for Diabetes Treatment Lantus(R)...advertising, interactive and medical education in France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States ...talent from several Euro RSCG agencies…[ Euro RSCG Release]

1/23 Enbrel; New Indication Sought
ENBREL(R) Is First Biologic Treatment Submitted to FDA for Ankylosing Spondylitis...fourth inflammatory disease...significant response to ENBREL in the Phase 3 ... some patients achieving relief from back pain and stiffness in as early as 2 weeks…[ Amgen Press Release]

1/22 Glaxo: Reimportation Embargo; Conflicting Reports
GSK acts to prevent illegal, potentially unsafe imports of prescription drugs...GlaxoSmithKline will not supply prescription drugs to Canadian wholesalers and pharmacies that export medicines outside Canada. GSK understands the concerns of Americans without prescription drug coverage but believes that …[ GSK Press Release]
Drug maker drops cut-off date for supplying Canadian companies...still intends to stop supplying ... but was working out details so that Canadian consumers would not be affected…[ AP/Yahoo]
Glaxo to halt sales to Canada online vendors to US...confirmed it will act on a plan to stop supplying prescription drugs to Canadian online mail-order pharmacies that sell them to U.S. …[ Reuters/Yahoo]

1/22 High Cholesterol May Negate Aspirin Protection
Side Effects: When Aspirin Can't Help a Heart...study suggested that for patients with high cholesterol levels physicians should consider higher doses of aspirin or using other …[ NY Times]

1/22 Some BP Medication Efficacy Follows Circadian Pathway
Time of Day Affects Drug's Blood Pressure Control ...small study suggests...Different classes of drugs act more effectively at different times of the day…[ Reuters/Yahoo]

1/22 1200mg Long-Acting Guaifenesin Tabs; NDA Approved
Adams Laboratories Announces FDA Approval of NDA for 1200 mg Mucinex(TM) Tablet...first long-acting guaifenesin product to have an NDA approved by the FDA….[ Adams Laboratories Press Release]

1/22 Report: EU Bean Counters Deny Populace Newest Meds
European Patients Often Denied Newest Drugs: Report...lack access to modern drugs for a range of common medical conditions such as depression, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma…[ Reuters/Yahoo]

1/22 SGP: Another Top Exec Plans Departure
Schering-Plough says division president to resign...comes as Schering-Plough prepares to name a new chief executive officer…[ Reuters]
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1/22 NVS: All Generics Will Carry Sandoz Brand From Now On
Novartis to group generics under Sandoz brand...will unite its 14 brands for generic drugs under the Sandoz name…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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1/22 SGP Launches Mometasone For Asthma In EU
Schering-Plough Launches ASMANEX TWISTHALER In United Kingdom for Treatment of Asthma...  mometasone furoate ...inhalation-driven device that does not use a propellant, thus eliminating the need for hand-breath coordination…[ Schering Plough Press Release]
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1/21 Alzheimer's Cholesterol Link
Alzheimer's, New Cholesterol Gene Linked ...fits in with growing evidence that elevated cholesterol levels may raise the risk of Alzheimer's…[ AP/Yahoo]

1/21 Lamactal Gets Pediatric Nod
FDA approves new treatment for children with epilepsy...Lamictal® (lamotrigine) Tablets as add-on therapy in partial seizures in children age two years old and up...36% reduction in frequency of all partial seizures, vs. 7% in placebo group…[ GSK Press Release]
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1/21 Depression Kills
One in Five Depressed People Have Tried Suicide...47% think about suicide before their condition is diagnosed...51% of patients treated for depression also have at least one anxiety disorder…[ Reuters/Yahoo]

1/21 Morning After Pill Drawbacks
Make 'Morning-After Pill' Easier to Obtain: Expert...Emergency contraception consists of higher-than-usual doses of ordinary oral contraceptives…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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1/21 Womens' Docs Skimp On Cardio Meds;
Pharmaceutical Crisis
Women Not Getting Heart Help They Need...83 percent ... were receiving aspirin or other antiplatelet therapy...beta blockers (33 percent), angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (18 percent), and lipid-lowering drugs (53 percent)…[ HealthScout]
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Pharmaceutical Crisis: African-American Stroke Patients
Black Stroke Patients May Have High BP, Cholesterol... 30% had actually brought their blood pressure down to or below normal...Less than half of the patients with known high cholesterol were taking…[ Reuters/Yahoo]

1/21 Mass Medicaid Copay Squeezes Pharmacists, Mentally Ill
New state drug copay said to pose special risk for mentally ill...not allowed to withhold medicine from his homeless customers because they cannot afford the $2 copayment, and he will not be reimbursed for the sum, either…[ Boston.com]

1/20 Non-Drug GERD Treatment Gets FDA Nod
Panel Backs Boston Scientific GERD Device...a liquid injected into the valve between the esophagus and the stomach…[ Reuters/CNBC]
FDA Panel Backs Boston Scientific's Heartburn Device...injected into several locations, which form spongy masses to reinforce the valve…Six months after implant, 74% completely stopped taking PPIs and 10%…[ Dow Jones/Yahoo]

1/20 Prediction: Pharmacia Boy-Wonder Hassan To Run SGP
Hassan said eager to lead Schering-Plough by March...transformed Pharmacia from an industry laughing stock into a powerhouse drugmaker...Harvard MBA...one of the industry's most respected and widely experienced CEOs …[ Reuters/CNBC]

1/20 Enbrel Advances In TNF Marketing Horserace
Amgen Arthritis Drug Effective Against Psoriasis...Enbrel improved psoriasis symptoms by at least 75 percent in nearly half of patients after 12 weeks of treatment, while nearly 60 percent achieved …[ Reuters/CNBC]
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1/17 NEWSFLASH: Lots Of Canada Drugs Actually Cost More
The Cheap Drugs Myth...21 of 27 top-selling generics cost more in Canada than in the U.S...Just two companies dominate the Canadian generics market…[ Forbes/Yahoo]

1/17 Pay-Per-View Clinic Stops Reps Altogether
Polyclinic shuts out drug reps, samples...80-plus primary-care and multi-specialty...companies warned the move... would cut off not only samples but also educational programs…[ Seattle Times]

1/17 R.A. Rx Overview
Race for comfort...More than 5 million people suffer from rheumatoid arthritis ...promising entrant is Rituxan, a drug made by Genentech…[ Forbes/Yahoo]

1/17 Able Carisoprodol Recall
Able Laboratories Conducts Limited Recall of Carisoprodol Tablets, USP 350 mg per FDA Guidelines...some tablets in the affected lots are imprinted with an incorrect product number (A265 instead of A266)…[ Able Labs Press release]

1/17 Desperate Massachusetts Imposes Rx Tax
Community Pharmacists Call On Mass. Legislature to Repeal New Prescription Drug Tax...$1.30 per non-Medicaid and non-Medicare prescription …state expects to raise $36 million ...[ Massachusetts Pharmacists Assn]
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1/17 Generic Neurontin Inches Closer
Pfizer Loses Appeal in Case Over Neurontin Patent...setback in its bid to stop generic-drug maker Apotex Corp. from selling a low-cost version…[ Dow Jones/Yahoo]
Pfizer says appeals court upholds Neurontin ruling...boosted chances another drugmaker could launch a generic rival to Pfizer Inc.'s top-selling anti-convulsant Neurontin...Apotex Corp.a..[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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1/17 Abott: Don't Worry - Enough Humira To Go Around
Abbott CEO:Confident Of Mfg Capacity For Humira Demand...most important product launch in the history of Abbott …[ Dow Jones/ Yahoo]

1/17 Americans Don't Fret Regarding  Rx Marketing Tactics
Americans Have Few Concerns About How Pharmaceutical Companies Market to Doctors...67% trust their doctors to decide on the best drugs to use…(25%) said that they think pharmaceutical companies are much too aggressive …[ Harris Interactive; Wall Street Journal Online]
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1/17 Uncle Sam: Millions Abuse Pain Pills
US Launches Prescription Drug Abuse Campaign...More than 6 million Americans abused pain relievers in 2001…[ Reuters/Yahoo]

1/17 GSK Gets Experimental Japanese AIDS Drug
Japan's Ono Pharm to license HIV drug to Glaxo...exclusive global rights to develop, produce and sell the drug, code-named ONO-4128…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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1/17 AZN: Crestor Rocks
AstraZeneca reiterates positive Crestor data...company said Crestor had proved more effective than rival drugs, including Pfizer Inc's  Lipitor…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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1/16 Slow Go
Global drug sales growth lowest in four years...IMS Health said sales in major markets rose just seven percent in the year to November to $273 billion, the lowest growth rate since February 1999...[ Reuters]

1/16 Pfizer Adds Bar Codes
Pfizer to put bar codes on pills to cut error...Each dose of the 30 medicines Pfizer sells for hospital use will feature a bar code and text that identify the medicine, its dosage, lot number and expiry date... [ Reuters]

1/16 Fabrazyme v. Replagal
FDA review deals blow to TKT drug...Recommended reading: overview of orphan drug approval process, high stakes push for FDA approval... [ Boston Globe]

1/16 Panel Recommends Biomarin
FDA panel says Biomarin, Genzyme drug effective...Aldurazyme is effective for improving lung function and walking endurance in patients with MPS 1, a rare and often fatal inherited disease.... [ Reuters]

1/16 Xopenex
Xopenex Shown Safe, Effective Alternative Among Hospital Adult COPD, Asthma Patients in Chest Study...Journal study recommends Xopenex (levalbuterol) as first line therapy for COPD, asthma in hospitalized adults... [ Halifax Regional Hospital]

1/16 Carboplatin Injection
Teva gets FDA nod for cancer drug...FDA approves carboplatin injection, a generic version of BMS's paraplatin cancer treatment... [ Haaretz Daily]

1/16 Paxil Patent Battle
Glaxo Faces Key Paxil Court Case...Paxil is seen as vital to near-term earnings growth at Europe's largest drugmaker. GSK has said it expects to deliver growth in earnings per share of at least 10 percent in 2002 and in the high single digits in 2003, assuming it successfully defends its Paxil patents in the U.S...[ Reuters]


Wedesday, January 15

1/15 Advexin
Introgen Reports Positive Study Results for Key Drug...60% of lung cancer patients' primary tumors regressed or disappeared after three months use of Advexin combined with radiation therapy... [ Dow Jones Business News]
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1/15 Medicis' Niche Strategy
Drug Maker Goes Where The Big Boys Don't...Medicis prospers by targetting dermatology and pediatric markets. Dynacin (acne) and Loprox (antifungal) are its leading products... [ Investor's Business Daily ]

1/15 Overmedication or Undertreatment?
Psychiatric Drug Use Surges for Children ...In a review of 900,000 patients in two Medicaid programs and an HMO, 6% of children had prescriptions for psychiatric drugs... [ AP]

1/15 Putting on the Brakes
F.D.A. Suspends a Third of All Gene Therapy Trials...FDA has temporarily stopped 27 U.S. experiments that use retroviruses to insert new genes into blood stem cells. Two French toddlers, who were treated with a retrovius-based therapy for severe combined immunodeficiency, have developed leukemia-like side effects... [ AP]

1/15 Strattera Hits the Shelves
Lilly's Attention Deficit Drug Available ...Strattera is not a stimulant — a factor Lilly hopes will make the medication more convenient to pick up from pharmacies... [ AP]


Tuesday, January 14

1/14 Better Days Ahead?
Drugs: Relief from the Pain...Quick industry overview: Fewer patent expirations, and several promising newcomers expected to debut: Humira (rheumatoid arthritis, Abbott); Levitra (ED, Bayer/GSK); Crestor (statin, AstraZeneca); Strattera (ADHD, Lily) and Cymbalta (antidepressant, Lily). Higher copays for consumers could hurt growth... [ Business Week]

1/14 International Suicide Prevention Trial InterSePT(TM) Results
Study Shows Clozaril Reduces Risk of Suicidal Behavior Among Patients with Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder by 26 Percent...InterSePT(TM) trial compared the efficacy of Clozaril® (clozapine) and Zyprexa®* (olanzapine) in reducing the risk of suicide and self-destructive behavior among patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. ... [ Novartis news release]

1/14 Calcitriol To Launch
FDA approves American Pharmaceutical's Calcitriol...Calcitriol is generic version of Abbott's Calcijex, and is used in the management of hypocalcemia in patients undergoing chronic renal dialysis..... [ Reuters]

1/14 Panel Boosts Fabrazyme
U.S. panel OKs Genzyme's gauge of Fabrazyme...Fabrazyme infusions, given once every two weeks, reduced the levels of a fatty substance in the capillary cells in the kidney, a main organ affected by the disorder... [ Reuters]

1/14 Replagal Setback
Transkaryotic drug fails to show benefit-FDA staff...FDA panels finds no benefit in kidney function, heart damage prevention, or pain relief.... [ Reuters]
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1/14 Roche Sets Pricing for Copegus
Roche prices hepatitis C drug below competing drug...Roche estimates potential savings of $7,600 over 48 weeks of therapy compared to Ribapharm's ribavirin.... [ Reuters]
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1/11 Fabrazyme's Big Day
FDA Takes a Cautious Approach to Fabrazyme...generally supportive of the Fabrazyme data submitted by Genzyme, but the agency says questions remain about the drug's long-term clinical benefit and safety…[ The Street.com]
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1/11 Anti-Tobacco Vaccine
Dutch Study to Look at Injected Smoking Vaccine...hoped that NicVAX will stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies that will bind to nicotine and stop it from crossing the blood/brain barrier…[ Reuters/Yahoo]

1/11 Keppra, ( levetiracetam) For Kids
Epilepsy Drug Succeeds Where Others Fail...recent study shows the drug Keppra can relieve seizures in some children who were not helped by other treatments…[ HealthScout]

1/11 Sloan Kettering Launches excellent New Herb Website
Straight Talk About Herbal Supplements... provides up-to-date information on the safety and efficacy of 135 of the most popular herbal remedies…[ HealthScout.com]
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