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November 2002             Dec 2002 - Jan 2003    Feb-March 2003    April-May 2003

11/22 EU Approves Levitra
European drug watchdog backs Bayer/GSK's Viagra rival
...committee gave the drug, also known as vardenafil, a positive opinion...US Food and Drug Administration ... asked for additional clinical studies which Bayer says will delay its US launch…[ Reuters]
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11/22 Organon May Do More Job Cuts
Akzo weighing more coatings, pharma job cuts
...may trim more jobs at its pharmaceutical unit ...declined to say whether new cuts under consideration were in Organon …[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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11/22 Glaxo 2nd Generation Protease Inhibitor (fosamprenavir)
Glaxo to file new AIDS drug by end of year
...planned to file a new concentrated HIV/AIDS drug ...second-generation protease inhibitor, known as 908…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
48-week results for the SOLO trial comparing GW433908/R QD to nelfinavir BID

...68 percent of HIV+ patients achieved undetectable viral load with 908/r compared to 65 percent of patients taking NFV BID…[ GSK Press Release]
See Also>
Fosamprenavir monograph…[ AidsMeds.com]
See Also>
Medline Search For "Fosamprenavir"
See Also> HIV Drug Database ; PI's, Monographs, Price Comparisons
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11/22 Orange Card Restored; Refunds Coming To Pts Who Lost Out
GlaxoSmithKline Restores Savings on the Orange
Card; Company to Offer Refunds to Eligible Orange Card Enrollees...Checks will be sent to eligible cardholders in an amount equal to the difference between the program's original savings level …[ GSK Press Release]
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11/22 Small Players Have The Future Blockbusters
Strategy shifts on blockbuster drugs
..Consultants say focus should be on 'targeted' therapies...In the not too distant future, the pharmaceutical business will look an awful lot like the independent film industry…[ CBS MaketWatch]
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11/22 Male Birth Control
Drug Cos. Develop Male Contraceptive
...development was "long overdue."...ready for the U.S. and Europe markets in five to seven years…[ AP/Yahoo]
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11/22 Rejection Drug Yields Radiation Synergy
Widely Used Drug Boosts Radiation for Brain Cancer
...mice given only radiotherapy, or only rapamycin, the tumors grew quickly to three times their original volume...mice treated with the combination, regrowth was delayed by 19 days…[ Reuters]
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11/22 Insurance Co's Sue BMS Over Buspar
Insurers Sue Bristol-Myers
...80 plaintiffs, including Horizon Health Care Services Inc., dozens of Blue Cross ...claiming it paid another company $72.5 million to keep its generic version of an antianxiety drug …[ Dow Jones/Yahoo]
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11/22 Misguided Uncle Sam Policy Raises Drug Prices
Legalized Price-Fixing
...The government calls it a drug price reduction program...effect of the law has been to raise prices, reduce competition and eliminate the power of large purchasers to bargain with drug manufacturers…[ Forbes]
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11/21 Lotronex Returns To US Market
® Tablets now available for women with severe diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome...indication for specific use in female patients with severe diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), an extensive Risk Management Program requiring participation of physicians, patients and pharmacists…[ GSK Press Release]
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11/20 Blood-Pressure Kidney-Disease Relationship Questioned
Blood Pressure Dip Stops Kidney Disease - Study
...modest drug-induced drop in blood pressure... just as effective in curtailing kidney disease as is aiming for a larger drop…[ Reuters]
Controlling Hypertension Doesn't Help Kidney Function
...loss of kidney function was no different in the patients in whom blood pressure was reduced to 128 over 78 as compared to those whose pressure was reduced to 141 over 85…[ HealthScout]
See Also> Above Cited JAMA Report (Abstract)
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11/20 Wyeth To Pull Plug On FluShield, Pnu-Immune
Wyeth Vaccine Decision Could Mean More Focus on Prevnar
...ceasing production of the FluShield injectable flu vaccine and the Pnu-Immune injectable adult-pneumonia vaccine…[ Dow Jones/Yahoo]
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11/20 Another Setback For Experimental Erectile Dysfunction Drug
FDA Notifies Zonagen That Additional Two-Year Animal Study is Required to Lift Clinical Hold On VASOMAX
…[ Zonagen Press Release]
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11/20 Metabolife's Not So Hot News Coverage
Co. Gives FDA Ephedra Complaints
...three deaths, 20 heart attacks and 24 strokes...company stressed that the reports, unverified calls to a consumer hot line, are not medical records …[ Reuters/Yahoo]
Attorneys in First Ephedra Case To Reach Court Say Verdict Will Spur California Litigation Against Metabolife...awarded more than $4 million to four people who suffered strokes and cardiac injuries as a result of taking dietary supplements sold by Metabolife…[ Hackard & Holt]
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11/20 Blue Stuff's Pays $3 Million For Unsubstantiated Claims
Feds Crack Down on 'Blue Stuff' Products
...considered the case "particularly egregious" because of the breadth of unsubstantiated claims made by the company…[ Reuters]
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11/20 Bitoech Guru Predicts Tough Times Ahead
UK biotech guru sees weak market well into 2003
...slumped in value from $600 billion in 2000 to around $300 billion today, but past cycles suggested there would not be an immediate recovery…[ Reuters]
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11/20 Media Recycles Novartis/Roche Merger Gossip
Novartis still sees sense in Roche merger-paper
...Novartis Chairman Daniel Vasella would still like to merge with Swiss rival Roche Holding AG but Roche continues to show him the cold shoulder…[ Reuters]
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11/20 Sepracor Faces Suit Regarding Rejected Antihistamine
Sepracor says class action suit filed against it
...lawsuit has been brought against it alleging the company misled investors over the prospects of its Soltara allergy drug…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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11/20 Politicos Keep Vaccine Coverage Alive
Vaccine liability protection stays in U.S. bill
...Democrats failed in an effort to strip the vaccine provision and other sections in a homeland security bill…[ Reuters]
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11/19 Plavix + Aspirin = Less Post-PCI Death, Stroke, Heart Attack
Study says Plavix/aspirin cut heart risk full year
...helped prevent heart attacks, strokes and death for a full year...27 percent reduction in combined risks of death, heart attack or stroke…[ Reuters]
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11/19 Abilify Hits Lay Media Radar Screen       
Bristol's Brightest Day, Blackest Night
...Abilify, could represent a breakthrough for the 2.4 million Americans suffering from schizophrenia...sticks to the receptor but does not shut it off entirely…[ Forbes]
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Similar Report From HealthScout/Yahoo
Note: Abilify (aripiprazole) is available as 10mg, 15mg, 20mg and 30 mg tablets; recommended starting dose is 10mg or 15mg daily without regard to meals.
See Also:
PI | Medline Search | Google Search | Dogpile Search
See Also: Abilify.com; Official Website; PI, sign-up, links.
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11/19 Grandpa & Grandma Benefit from Statins
Older Patients Benefit from Statin Use-Study
...Elderly patients who use cholesterol-lowering drugs may enjoy the same benefits as their younger counterparts…[ Reuters]
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11/19 Cassandra Scenario: Dearth Of New Drugs
Decline in New Drugs Raises Concerns
...FDA Approvals Are Lowest in a Decade ...number of industry applications for innovative new drugs is down significantly, and the average time needed by the FDA to review applications is moving up…[ Washiongton Post]
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11/19 Most Statin Takers (60%) Don't Reach LDL Goals
Despite Treatment, Many Heart Disease Patients With Elevated Cholesterol Still Not Reaching Recommended Cholesterol Goals
…Among treated patients, approximately 6 out of 10 are not at their LDL cholesterol goal as recommended by the NIH...[ Merck Press release]
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11/19 Zetia Boosts Statin's LDL Reduction By 25%
ZETIA Added to Ongoing Statin Treatment Provided 25 Percent Additional LDL Cholesterol Reduction
vs. 4 Percent With Addition of Placebo, Study in American Journal of Cardiology Showed…[ Schering Plough Press Release]
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11/19 Nefazodone Safety Investigation
Dutch Board to Study Risks of Antidepressant Drug
...investigating the antidepressant drug nefazodone after receiving reports of serious side effects...26 reports of serious liver failure and some deaths…[ Reuters/yahoo]
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11/19 Andrx: Tentative OK For Generic Claritin Reditabs
Andrx gets FDA nod for generic Claritin Reditabs
...tentative approval...Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Inc WYE.N holds a six-month exclusivity period to market its generic version of Claritin Reditabs…[ Reuters]
See Also> Andrx Press Release
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11/19 EVISTA Reduced Stroke Risk 62%
Drug Cuts Women's Stroke Risk-Study
...Evista was linked with a 62% reduction in the risk of all strokes--fatal and non-fatal--in post-menopausal women at high risk…[ Reuters]
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Lilly plans on filing heart disease prevention labeling for Evista; data is due some time in 2005.
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11/19 SSRI Off Label Use:  May Help Certain Cardiac Conditions
Antidepressants May Help Heart Failure Patients, Research Finds
Depression medications such as Eli Lilly & Co.'s Prozac and Pfizer Inc.'s Zoloft may also help ward off dangerous blood clots, according to a new study…[ Bloomberg]
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11/19 Fuzeon ( Formerly T-20); Production Of
Roche expects high demand for Fuzeon AIDS drug
...large-scale manufacturing of the drug...under way to try to meet high demand for the product when it is approved, probably in the first quarter of next year…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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11/19 Doxycycline Reduced C-Reactive Protein
Study Shows Sub-Antimicrobial Dose Doxycycline Lowers C-Reactive Protein
in Patients Suffering from Acute Coronary Syndromes…[ Beth Israel Press Release]
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11/19 Fuzeon; Efficacy Study
Second Pivotal Study Demonstrates Benefit of FUZEON(TM)
Across Range of Treatment-Experienced HIV Patients…[ Hoffman LaRoche Press Release]
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11/19 Allegra Versus Clarinex
New Study Demonstrates Allegra(R) (Fexofenadine HCL) Has Faster Onset Of Action Than Claritin(R) (Loratadine) And Clarinex
(R) (Desloratadine)…[ Aventis Press Release]
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11/19 Pill Splitting Debate
The Divide Over Pill-Splitting
...Experts disagree on whether this cost-saving tactic is a safe and effective practice…[ Newsday[
Note: Several thousand word report; mentions Viagra, Zestril, others; opinions of various professional groups; recommended for PBM execs, marketers with products not available as capsules.
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Monday 11/18

11/18 Bextra Gets New Warning Regarding Allergic Reactions
U.S. FDA says new warnings on Pharmacia painkiller
...rare but life-threatening skin and allergic reactions...patients who are allergic to sulfa-containing products should not take Bextra…[ Reuters]
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Related : Arthritis Drug Database : PI's, Cost Data, Literature Search
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11/18 FDA Warning: Injectables From Urgent Care Pharmacy
FDA Warns on Company's Injectable Drugs
...Urgent Care Pharmacy of Spartanburg, South Carolina may not be sterile and should not be used...
One person has died …[ Reuters]

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11/18 Abilify Approved; No QT Effects, Less Weight Gain
Bristol, Otsuka get FDA nod for schizophrenia drug
...approval to market a new schizophrenia drug, Abilify...expect Abilify to reach U.S. drugstores within two weeks…[ Reuters]
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BMS Press Release
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Abilify (aripiprazole) is available as 10mg, 15mg, 20mg and 30 mg tablets; recommended starting dose is 10mg or 15mg daily without regard to meals.
See Also: PI | Medline Search | Google Search | Dogpile Search
See Also: Abilify.com; Official Website; PI, sign-up, links.
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11/18 Cialis Launch Delay
Lilly's EU Cialis launch delayed by factory switch
...delaying until its production comes on-stream at an unnamed European factory...previously said Cialis would not be launched until the first half of 2003 …[ Reuters]
Published reports claim other manufacturing problems are delaying launch of  injectable Zyprexa, and new generation antidepressant Cymbalta.

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11/18 Amgen Fights Draconian Reimbursement Slash
Amgen sues US over Aranesp hospital payment issue
...reimbursement for Aranesp will drop, as of Jan. 1, 2003, to 59 percent of the wholesale price from the previous 95-percent …[ Reuters]
See Also> Amgen Press Release
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11/18 Hepatitic C Marketing Battle: Roche Versus Schering-Plough
Roche And Schering's Desperate Duel
…combination of Roche's Pegasys and another drug called Copegus could receive final FDA approval by year's end…[ Forbes]
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11/18 AIDS Activists Accuse Roche
AIDS Activists, Roche Cross Swords Over Drug Prices
...accused Swiss drug-maker Roche Holding AG ... of breaking its promise to cut the price of AIDS drugs in poor countries…[ Reuters]
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11/18 Global Pharmaceutical Sales Slow
Global Drug Sales Slow Further
...reflecting tough times in the global drugs industry......one percentage point down from a month earlier…[ Reuters]
See Also>
Reuters Report #2 ...( adds chart; Growth Rate by market cost in local currency of TRX 9/2001 versus 9/2002).
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11/18 Medicare Drug Benefit Reappears On Radar Screen
Medicare Drug Plan Likely to Move
...By Co-Opting Issue, GOP Commits to Aid Seniors on Prescription Costs …[ Washington Post]
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11/18 Barr Subpoenaed Regarding Cenestin
Barr Labs Is Served With Government Subpoena
... Regarding Cenestin Study...HHS asked for information on the study of women who switched to Cenestin from other hormone- replacement drugs…[ Dow Jones/Yahoo]
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11/18 Rumour Mill: Glaxo May Buy Bayer's Drug Biz
Bidders court Bayer for 10 bln euro pharma unit
...Bayer AG is talking to GlaxoSmithKline and others about selling its loss-making pharmaceuticals arm…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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11/18 Crestor: Huge Reactive C Protein Trial Planned
AstraZeneca to study Crestor drug for heart risk
...see if its cholesterol fighter Crestor can also reduce heart risk problems for patients with high levels of a problem protein...15,000 patients with high levels of C-reactive protein, or CRP…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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11/15 HRT Market Imploded Last Month
Hormone Therapy Sales Off 52 Percent
...IMS monthly data...Sales of Prempro...down 52 percent from a year ago. Sales of all estrogen-progestin pills are down 40 percent…[ AP/Yahoo]
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11/15 Voluntary Recall: Cartia XT 120mg
Andrx recalls some Diltia XT capsules amid date concerns
...does not believe the product poses a health hazard, and its 180 mg and 240 mg strength capsules are not affected…[ Reuters]
See Also>
Andrx Press Release
Note: 120mg capsules only; voluntary recall; not believed to be a health hazard.
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11/15 Cialis Approved In Europe
Europe OKs ICOS/Lilly Erectile Dysfunction Drug
...European regulators have approved marketing of Cialis…[ Reuters]
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See Also> Lilly Press Release
Note: Cialis is available as 10mg and 20mg tablets; anticipated US launch is some time during second half of 2003.
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11/15 Avonex Gets Label Change
FDA Approves Label Change for Biogen's Key MS Drug, Avonex
...lowering the rate of occurrence of neutralizing antibodies to 5% from the original label rate of 24%…[ Dow Jones/Yahoo]
See Also> Biogen Press Release
Note: More than 300,00 Americans suffer from MS.
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11/15 Biovail/Reliant Cardiovascular Co-Promotion
Biovail Expands Co-Promotion Arrangement With Reliant Pharmaceuticals for Cardizem XL
...three-year agreement with ... Reliant Pharmaceuticals, LLC to provide 250 sales representatives beginning in January 2003 for the co-promotion of Biovail's new Cardizem® XL product, Teveten®, Teveten® HCT…[ Biovail Press  Release]
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11/15 Schering Plough
Schering-Plough CEO's Exit Could Lead To Company Sale
...may be on the cusp of a turnaround - and some think the beleaguered drug maker may end up on the auction block…[ Dow Jones/Yahoo]
Schering's Latest Disclosure: Kogan's Out
...That's where Kogan failed. He became embroiled in discussions with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration over problems with Schering's …[ Forbes]
Note: Play-by-play analysis of the rise and fall of embattled Schering CEO.

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11/15 Unanimous Thumbs Up For Pegasys Combo
FDA panel backs Roche hepatitis drug combination
...panel on Thursday unanimously urged approval...Pegasys, a once-a-week injection, is a longer-acting version of the antiviral protein interferon…[ Reuters]
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See Also> Roche Press Release
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11/15 Merck's Newest Lawsuit
West Virginia sues Merck over high costs, rebates
...and its Medco benefits unit, alleging their management of the state's prescription plan jacked up costs for employees…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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Similar Report From AP/Yahoo
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11/15 Glaxo Exec: EU No Bed Of Roses
Glaxo Sees Tough European Drug Market
...curbs on price, restrictions on reimbursement, and by encouraging the use of generics or drugs imported from cheaper European markets…[ Reuters]
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11/15 US Politicians Want A1C Levels Below 7.0
Congressional Diabetes Caucus Supports Initiative to Lower Diabetes Risk by Monitoring A1C Levels
...A1C level below 7% is the recommended medical target...more than half of Americans with diabetes undergoing treatment have unacceptably high blood sugar levels…[ Congressional Diabetes Caucus Communiqué]
Note: The is a bipartisan group of 290 congressmen and women.   Visit:
Congressional Diabetes Caucus Official website.
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11/15 Alzheimer's Vaccine Works But Caused Brain Hemorrhages
Study: Strokes Tied to Vaccine
...clears the brain of toxic deposits also tends to double the risk of stroke…[ AP/Yahoo]
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11/15 Eckerds: Hefty Discounts For Needy Seniors
Eckerd Corporation Leads Industry by Offering Exclusive Savings To Together Rx Program Participants
...pleased to lead the industry by offering this exclusive savings of 30% on many of the generic prescription medications that our eligible senior customers use…[ Eckerd Press Release]
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11/15 Pharmaceutical Free Speech Could Happen
The FDA's Big...Free-Speech Challenge?
...The agency's rules severely restrict what companies can say about their products. Those rules, however, may be in for a major revision …[ BusinessWeek]
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11/15 Aciphex Gets 7-Day H. Pylori Eradication Nod
First Seven-Day Treatment Of H. pylori Infection Approved By FDA
...now approved by the Food and Drug Administration as part of the first seven-day treatment for Helicobacter pylori…[  JNJ Press Release]
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11/14 Feds Probe Pharma; Investors Spooked
Federal probes weigh on pharma
...both Merck and Schering-Plough faced concerns about ongoing federal probes…[ CBS Marketwatch]
Merck Again Notes Probe, Sector Falls...U.S. Department of Justice is investigating its marketing practices as part of a larger probe into pharmaceutical companies…[ Reuters]
Schering-Plough falls as U.S. issues subpoenas...two new grand jury subpoenas ... related to its clinical trial, sales and marketing practices…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
See Also>
Schering Press Release
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11/14 Embattled SGP Chief To Retire This Spring
Schering-Plough CEO plans retirement by April
...under fire for recent private meetings with analysts and fund managers, will retire and resign…[ Reuters]
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Similar Report From CBS Market Watch
See Also> SGP Press Release
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11/14 BMS Accounting News
Bristol-Myers to Unveil Restatement
...restatement will level out the sales numbers and help give Wall Street a better measurement of the company's real business over the past few years…[ AP/Yahoo]
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Similar Report From Dow Jones/Yahoo
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11/14 Pegasys Gets Push
Roche Pegasys Combination Effective - FDA Staff
...Pegasys combination treatment was more effective than an older dual-therapy in a hepatitis C trial...[ Reuters]
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11/14 Crummy Compliance Common For Parkinsons Patients
Most with Parkinson's Don't Take Meds as Directed
...only 4 of the 39 patients (10.3%) took their medications exactly as prescribed, with no missed, extra or mistimed doses…[ Reuters]
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11/14 PDI Losing Evista
PDI says Evista deal with Lilly ends, posts Q3 loss
...Evista marketing agreement ends on Dec. 31 and was "mutually"…[ Reuters]
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11/14 Topical Erection Cream; FDA Halts Study Of
Nexmed says FDA halts erectile dysfunction study
...penetration enhancement agent used with the cream was associated with an increase in benign dermal papillomas in mice …[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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11/14 French Bust Alleged AIDS Meds Reimportation Conspirator
France: Man Questioned on Cut-Price AIDS Drugs
...reached African airports but were then immediately flown to Paris where a French transport company took them on to Holland…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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11/14 Allergy Group Fear OTC Antihistamines
Allergists Fear Fallout From Over-the-Counter Claritin
...force allergy sufferers to either pay more out-of-pocket for the newer drugs or settle for cheaper but older antihistamines that could make them drowsy …[ HealthScout/Yahoo]
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11/13 Barr Goes after Evista
Barr Files to Market Generic Evista.
..believes Lilly's patents over Evista, aside from the main chemical patent, are either invalid or would not be infringed …[ Rauters/Yahoo]
Also> Barr Press Release
Editor's Note: Evista is Lilly's 3rd best selling product; Lilly's position is that the Evista patent is good at least until 2012.
See Also: Osteoporosis/Pagets Drug Database ( PI's, Prices, Etc.)
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11/13 NY Times Sunday Magazine Features Autism Theory
The Not-So-Crackpot Autism Theory
...Like all medical interventions, vaccines sometimes cause adverse reactions. But unlike pills, vaccines come packaged with high expectations, which make them particularly vulnerable to public criticism…[ NY Times]
Note: 3,100 word report; timeline, analysis of theory that vaccines are somehow linked to mental disability; must read for all vaccine marketers.
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11/13 Bayer Shifts Strategy - 2nd Fiddle Is Now OK
Bayer dumps key demand for drugs partnership
...no longer insisted on holding a majority in any partnership involving its drugs unit...probability has now increased that Bayer may be able to announce a partnership …[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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11/13 Enzon/Schering Merger Spec
Enzon rises on Schering-Plough merger speculation
...Wall Street observers doubted a deal in the works…[ Reuteres/Yahoo]
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11/13 Glaxo Chief Speaks
INTERVIEW-Glaxo CEO confident on Augmentin, Levitra
...extra-strength Augmentin ES and the extended-release Augmentin XR, "are doing well,"
…[ Reuters/Yahoo]

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Roche Exec Confident FDA Will Yes Pegasys Application
Roche upbeat before crucial FDA review of Pegasys...confident its Pegasys drug for treating hepatitis C will win crucial U.S. approval in combination with standard therapy…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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11/13 Brits Warn Docs Regarding Tamoxifen
Britain Updates Safety Advice on Tamoxifen
... Britain's Medicines Control Agency (MCA) has advised doctors to investigate the potential risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE)…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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11/13 Quintiles Blows Off $1.3 Billion Buyout Offer
Quintiles Special Committee Rejects Buyout Offer From Founder Gillings
...not in the best interests of Quintiles and its shareholders…[ Dow Jones/Yahoo]
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11/12 Amnesteem - Mylan Gets OK For Generic Accutane
Generic form of Accutane acne drug heads to stores.
..Mylan Laboratories Inc and Genpharm Inc... available to patients within days…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
Mylan Laboratories Inc. Announces First ANDA Approval for Isotretinoin.
..Mylan's branded subsidiary Bertek Pharmaceuticals Inc. will market isotretinoin under the trade name Amnesteem(TM) in 10 mg, 20 mg and 40 mg strengths…[ Mylan Press Release]
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11/12 Generic Prilosec Final Approval
IMPAX gets FDA okay for Prilosec generic.
..final approval was for its 10- and 20-miligram...tentative approval was for the company's stronger 40-miligram …[ Reuters/Yahoo]
See Also>
Impax Press Release
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11/12 Rebif Versus Avonex
A battle for wallets and minds
...''Rebif will get some market share, but I can tell you they're going to have to fight for every point…[ Boston Globe]
Note: 2,300 word analysis of marketing battle between Biogen and Serono/Pfizer; sales force head-count, strategy, etc.

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11/12 Lercanidipine Versus Amlodipine
Forest Labs Says Its Hypertension Drug Better
...lercanidipine, an investigational drug for the treatment of hypertension, was "significantly better tolerated" than amlodipine…[ Dow Jones/Yahoo]
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11/12 Time Magazine To Feature Birth Control Patch
Time Magazine Names Birth Control Patch
One of the Year's Coolest Inventions...one of this year's coolest inventions. The "Coolest Inventions of 2002" is featured in the November 18th issue of TIME…[ Time Press Release]
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11/12 Doctors Ignore Adult Vaccine Guidelines
Study: MDs Not Vaccinating Adults
...Monday's Archives of Internal Medicine ...not following guidelines recommending flu and pneumonia vaccinations for hospitalized adults…[ AP/Yahoo]
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11/12 Canada Moves Away From Heroin Zero Tolerance
Canada to Give Drug Users Safe Injection Sites-Paper
...following a pattern set in countries like Switzerland, Britain and the Netherlands…[ Reuters]
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11/12 Rodent Study: Flaxseed For Prostate
Flaxseed Helps Against Prostate Cancer in Mice.
..rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and compounds known as lignans…[ Reuters]
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Similar Report From WebMD
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11/12 Med Errors Common  Heart Attack Etiology
Medical Errors May Cause Significant Number of Heart Attacks
...tomorrow's issue of Circulation...one in seven, resulted from a doctor's action. Medication errors were to blame 44 percent of the time…[ HealthScout/Yahoo]
Note: Circulation is published by the Amercian Heart Association]
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11/12 Alzheimer's, Dementia; Elderly Perspectives Of
More Than Death, Many Elderly Fear Dementia
...One day, she left her home in her bathrobe and walked seven miles and could not say where she lived…[ NY Times]
Note: 3 pages; explores dementia, Alzheimer's from patient's perspective; If you market an Alzheimer/dementia product you need to read this article.

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11/12 Biotech Ain't Easy
Growing Drugs Is a Tricky Business
...Manufacturing Story from Hell...sophistication in areas the research scientists don't normally think about…[ Fortune]
Editor's Note: 3-page article on difficulty surrounding the  manufacture of therapeutic proteins; epic tale of how Bayer overcame obstacles involved regarding Kogenate manufacturing.

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11/11 Retrospective Analysis:
Older Schizophrenia Drugs Linked To Heart Risk

Schizophrenia Medication Linked to Heart Risk
...haloperidol (Haldol) and thioridazine (Mellaril)--were between 1.7 and 3.2 times as likely as non-schizophrenics to experience cardiac …[ Reuters]
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11/11 Rounding With Clinical Pharmacists Reduces Med Errors
Getting the Dosage Right
...Medication errors decrease by 51 percent when a clinical pharmacist is included on daily patient rounds…[ HealthScout/Yahoo]
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11/11 German Merck Gets OK For Generic Accutane
FDA OKs Generic Rival to Roche's Accutane
...Genpharm is a Canadian unit of Merck KGaA …[ Reuters]
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11/11 Prilosec Legal Battle
AstraZeneca Files Prilosec Appeal
…reversible errors in determining key facts and applying the law...[AP/Yahoo]
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11/11 Lilly Ready For Comeback
Lilly CEO Confident About Approval Of Three Drugs
...manufacturing woes won't affect the approval of three potentially top-selling drugs, Chairman and Chief Executive Sidney Taurel said Friday…[ Dow Jones/Yahoo]
Eli Lilly Maps Out New Drugs, Other Plans...foresees regulatory approval next year to sell new drugs to treat osteoporosis, impotence and attention deficit hyperactivity…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
Eli Lilly Manufacturing Issues Now At Just 2 Buildings
...confined to two buildings in Indianapolis - its parent facility called Building 105, and Building 100, a dry products facility…[ Dow Jones/Yahoo]
See Also> Lilly Press Release
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11/11 Downside Of Prostate Cancer Meds
Prostate Cancer Drugs May Spur Tumors.
..suppresses the androgen, but also activates a molecule known as MAP kinase that has been linked to tumor growth."…[ HealthScout/Yahoo]
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11/11 Express Off Hook In Lipitor Investigation
Express Scripts Freed from Govt. Subpoena
...no longer has to respond to a Defense Department subpoena…[ Reuters/Yahoo]
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11/11 HRT Paradigm Shift; Review Of; NY Times
Menopause Without Pills: Rethinking Hot Flashes
...prevailing view of menopause has undergone a momentous shift...sales of Evista, made by Eli Lilly & Company, rose by 24 percent in September…[ NY Times]
Editor's Note: 4 page article examines massive paradigm shift in HRT market; mentions osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, vaginal dryness, etc.

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