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Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius




Recent programs organised by ‘The Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius’


Continuous education constitute one of the main objectives of PAM. Here’s a list of  all programs including which PAM has organised since January  2002


18th January 2002

Annual Dinner at Radisson Plaza Hotel

Friday 12th April 2002 :

Get together dinner at Gold Nest Hotel

Wednesday 22nd May 2002

 Lecture on (1) Management of GERD in H.P infection

              (2) Evolution in acid suppression therapy

                                (3) Quality assurance of Omeprazole Generic copies


Dr Dennis Li Kam Wah (Gastroenterologist)

                             Dr. Philip Lam Thuon Mine (Medical specialist and Gastroenterologist)

Mr. Ravish Parepiah (Astra Zeneca)

Mr. Joyland Chinneya (Astra Zeneca)

Venue: Gold Crest Hotel

 Sponsored by Astra Zeneca

14th June

 Lecture on Management of Asthma


Dr. Bruno Cheong MRCP (UK)

(Specialist physician)

 Venue: Gold Crest Hotel

Sponsored by Socimed Ltd

19 July

Lecture on “Infarctus Aïgue du Myocarde

Thème : Actualités Thérapeutiques


Dr. M.A. K. Yearoo

Dr. M.R. Dhunny

Venue: Rogers House


Bristol Myers Squibb-UPSA ( En collaboration avec Rogers Co-Copharma)

23rd August 2002

Lecture on Dangerous Drug Act 2000


Mr. Gerard Requin (Director, Pharmaceutical Services)

Mr. Bobby Madhub (Senior State Counsel at the Solicitor General Office

Venue: Ibeloise , Le Caudan Waterfront.


Medical Trading

27th August 2002

Medishop conference

Venue: Gold nest hotel

18th September 2002

Lecture on (1) Fungal infections

                                                                 (2) Eczema & Psoriasis


Dr Rodica Adnath (Dermatologist)

Venue: Gold Crest Hotel

Sponsor: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd

FTM (Mauritius) Ltd

25th October 2002

Lecture on ‘La Photoprotection’

Speaker:Dr. Y.M Jeetoo ( Dematologist)

Venue: Roger House

Sponsor: Fleet pharmaceutical Ltd

Rogers & CO Ltd / Copharma



 Saturday 16th November

 As from 12H00             Check in / Registration

 13H00-13H30               Official Opening Ceremony

               Speech by the  

  President of the Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius, Mr. R.Gaya.

                     President of the Government Pharmacist Association, Mr. H.K.Bucktowar.

13H30-13H45               Management of Diabetes in Mauritius by Dr. B. Cheong


14H15-14H30                 Presentation by H.K.Bucktowar

14H30-15h00                 Tea Break

15H30-16H30               Management of Diabetes with focus on Sulphonylureas and Biguanides

                                    by  R.K. Chauhan     IPCA  Pharma.

17H00-20H00                Free Time

20H00                          Dinner

Sunday 17th November

09H30-10H00               Body language

                                 by  R.K. Chauhan     IPCA  Pharma.


10H00-10H30              Pharmaceutical Business in Mauritius & Rodrigues

10H30-10H45              Tea Break

10H45-11H15               Latest trends in Diabetic Treatment by Tookaram      IBL


Venue: Coco Beach