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Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius



Commonly used Prescription Abbreviations

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Ad Ad lib Agit amp ac am aq ATC au ad al, as bid
BM BP BS BSA caps Chart collun collyr CHF cc c dtd
dieb alt dil disc, DC disp div elix emuls blank F, Ft GI GU g, gm, Gm
gr gtt HBP h hs HT inj IV, iv IM ID lin liq
mcg () mEq mg mg/kg mg/m2 ml, mL mOsmol m N&V nebula non rep noct
no, # ou od ol os po pc pm prn pulv qs qs ad
q qh qid Rect rept sa ss sig s sos sol sat sol
sq m, m2 , M2 stat Sub Q, SQ supp Susp syr tab tid tbsp tsp top ung
ut dict i,I ii, II iii, III iv, IV v, V vi, VI vii, VII viii, VIII ix, IX x, X XV
XX XXX L C D M          


Which mean:


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