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Locations and dates of ships photographed.

R22 INS Viraat, Bombay
R11 INS Vikrant, Bombay, Jan. 2002, Jan. 2007
181 JDS Hyuga, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009

HMS Belfast, London, Dec. 1994
CG60 USS Normandy, Port Louis, Sept. 2007
CG63 USS Cowpens, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009

D96 HMS Gloucester, Singapore, May 2001
D641 FS Dupleix, Singapore, May 2001
DD973 ROKNS Yang Manchun, Singapore, May 2001
D61 INS Delhi, Port Louis, Aug. 2002, June 2005, May 2011
D55 INS Ranvijay, Port Louis, Aug. 2002
D53 INS Ranjit, Port Louis, July 2003
D640 FS Georges Leygues, Port Louis, Mar. 2007, Mar. 2009
DD976 ROKNS Munmu Daewan, Singapore, May 2007
D60 INS Mysore, Singapore, May 2007
DDG91 USS Pinckney, Singapore, May 2007
DD110 JDS Takanami, Singapore, May 2007
D62 INS Mumbai, Port Louis, April 2008
D54 INS Ranvir, Singapore, May 2009
DDG 170 JDS Sawakaze, Singapore, May 2009; Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
DDG57 USS Mitscher, Singapore, May 2009
DDG100 USS Kidd, Singapore, May 2009
DDG51 USS Arleigh Burke, Port Louis, July 2009
DDG82 USS Lassen, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
DD105 JDS Inazuma, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
DD112 JDS Makinami, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
DD113 JDS Sazanami, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
DD125 JDS Sawayuki, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
DDG171 JDS Hatakaze, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
DDG173 JDS Kongo, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
DDG178 JDS Ashigara, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
DDH144 JDS Kurama, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
DD981 ROKNS Choi Young, Singapore, May 2011
DDG548 Admiral Panteleyev, Singapore, May 2011
DDG85 USS McCampbell, Singapore, May 2011

FF151 HMAS Arunta, Singapore, May 2001
30 KD Lekiu, Singapore, May 2001
432 HTMS Khirirat, Singapore, May 2001
D185 PNS Tippu Sultan, Singapore, May 2001
FFG38 USS Curts, Singapore, May 2001
F31 INS Brahmaputra, Bombay
F44 INS Tabar, Port Louis, July 2004
F43 INS Trishul, Port Louis, June 2005, May 2010
FFG57 USS Reuben James, Port Louis, July 2006
F308 Tromp, Port Louis, Feb. 2007
FFG01 HMAS Adelaide, Singapore, May 2007
D182 PNS Babur, Singapore, May 2007
F235 HMS Monmouth, Singapore, May 2007
F111 HMNZS Te Mana, Singapore, May 2007, May 2009, May 2011
71 RSS Tenacious, Singapore, May 2007
567 PLAN Xiangfan, Singapore, May 2007
F211 FGS Köln, Port Louis, Mar. 2008
F220 FGS Hamburg, Port Louis, Mar. 2008
F147 SAS Spioenkop, Port Louis, Nov. 2008
PNS Badr, Singapore, May 2009
DE227 JDS Yubari, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
DE228 JDS Yubetsu, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
DE229 JDS Abukuma, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
FFG47 USS Nicholas, Port Louis, Feb. 2010
FFG29 USS Stephen W. Groves, Port Louis, Mar. 2011
FF154 HMAS Parramatta, Singapore, May 2011
FF155 HMAS Ballarat, Singapore, May 2011
72 RSS Stalwart, Singapore, May 2011
F239 HMS Richmond, Singapore, May 2011

P49 INS Khukri, Calcutta, Dec. 1999
P61 INS Kora, Singapore, May 2001
P46 INS Kuthar, Singapore, May 2007
137 KD Laksamana Tan Pusmah, Singapore, May 2007
P64 INS Karmuk, Port Louis, April 2008
P62 INS Kirch, Singapore, May 2011
365 KRI Diponegoro, Singapore, May 2011

RSS Conqueror, Singapore, May 2001
PNS Shushuk, Singapore, May 2001
SSK74 HMAS Farncomb, Singapore, May 2007
SS501 JDS Soryu, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
SS584 JDS Natsushio, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
SS587 JDS Wakashio, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009

Mine Warfare
M04 HMS Carlskrona, Port Louis, Mar. 2001
M107 RSS Katong, Singapore, May 2009
M108 RSS Punggol, Singapore, May 2009
MSC688 JDS Aishima, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
MSO301 JDS Yaeyama, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
MST463 JDS Uraga, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
MST464 JDS Bungo, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
HSV-X2 USS Swift, Port Louis, Feb. 2010
M105 RSS Bedok, Singapore, May 2011

517 KRI Teluk Ende, Singapore, May 2001
L207 RSS Endurance, Singapore, May 2001, May 2011
L210 RSS Endeavour, Port Louis, March 2002
L9031 FS Francis Garnier, Port Louis, May 2002
L52 HMAS Manoora, Port Louis, June 2002
L9034 FS La Grandière, Port Louis, June 2005
L201 RSS Endurance, Singapore, May 2007
L209 RSS Persistence, Singapore, May 2007
LSD48 USS Ashland, Port Louis, Apr. 2008
L208 RSS Resolution, Singapore, May 2009
G29 NDCC Garcia d'Avila, Singapore, May 2009
YF-2151, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
LST4001 JDS Osumi, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
593 KRI Banda Aceh, Singapore, May 2011

P56 INS Sujata, Port Louis, Apr. 1999
F730 FS Floréal, Port Louis, July 2001; Singapore, May 2007
P683 FS La Boudeuse, Port Louis, Feb. 2003, Apr. 2005, March 2010
P55 INS Sharda, Port Louis, Apr. 2003, Apr. 2005
P52 INS Suvarna, Port Louis, July 2003, Aug. 2003, Apr. 2006
P681 FS Albatros, Port Louis, Jan. 2005
F732 FS Nivôse, Port Louis, Aug. 2005
P85 HMAS Bathurst, Singapore, May 2007
P913 BNS Karatoa, Singapore, May 2007
172 KD Pahang, Singapore, May 2007, May 2009
P621 SLNS Samudura, Singapore, May 2007
P714 BNS Turag, Singapore, May 2009
P620 SLNS Sayura, Singapore, May 2009
P53 INS Savitri, Port Louis, Dec. 2009
P50 INS Sukanya, Port Louis, Mar. 2011
F734 FS Vendémiaire, Singapore, May 2011

A631 FS Somme, Port Louis
A20 PNS Moawin, Singapore, May 2001
A617 FS Garonne, Port Louis, Apr. 2002, Nov. 2002
A608 FS Var, Port Louis, May 2002; Singapore, May 2007, May 2009
A630 FS Marne, Port Louis, Apr. 2003
A53 INS Matanga, Port Louis, Apr. 2003
A634 FS Rari, Port Louis, Oct. 2003
J22 INS Sarvekshak, Port Louis, Jan. 2006, Mar. 2007, Mar. 2011
A11 HMNZS Endeavour, Singapore, May 2007
T-AK 3012 Sgt. William R. Button, Port Louis, Feb. 2008
H131 HMS Scott, Port Louis, Feb. 2008
J15 INS Investigator, Port Louis, Feb. 2008, Apr. 2008
A1411 FGS Berlin, Port Louis, Mar. 2008
J19 INS Nirdeshak, Port Louis, Mar. 2009
47 PNS Nasr, Singapore, May 2009
A58 INS Jyoti, Singapore, May 2009
APL40 USS Nueces, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
YT-66, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
YT-67, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
YT-68, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
YT-74, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
YT-79, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
YT-83, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
AOE425 JDS Masyu, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
ASR403 JDS Chihaya, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
ASE6102 JDS Asuka, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
ATS4203 JDS Tenryu, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009

Training Ships
A86 INS Tir, Port Louis, Sept. 1998, Sept. 2008
F46 INS Krishna, Port Louis, Sept. 1998, Oct. 2001, Sept. 2008
INS Tarangini, Port Louis, Aug. 2002
Q2 ARA Libertad, Port Louis, May 2008

FB31 Singapore, May 2001, May 2007
P721 FS Jonquille, Port Louis, Mar. 2004, Oct. 2006
FB40 Singapore, May 2007
P602 FS Verdon, Port Louis, Mar. 2009, Mar. 2011
PG826 JDS Otaka, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
PG827 JDS Kumataka, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009

Coast Guard
CGS Vigilant, Port Louis, Dec. 1998, Apr. 1999, Oct. 2001, Apr. 2006, Jan. 2008, Apr. 2008
CGS Guardian, Port Louis, Apr. 1999, Apr. 2001, Apr. 2005, Apr. 2006, Sept. 2008
44 ICGS Sarang, Port Louis, Nov. 1999, Jan. 2004, June 2006
CGS Rescuer, Port Louis, Apr. 2001, Aug. 2007, Sept. 2008
CGS Observer, Port Louis, Apr. 2001, Apr. 2006, Aug. 2007, Jan. 2008, Sept. 2008
CGS Retriever, Port Louis, July 2003, Aug. 2007, Sept. 2008
35 ICGS Veera, Port Louis, Jan. 2004
43 ICGS Sangram, Singapore, May 2007
42 ICGS Samar, Port Louis, Aug. 2007
ICGS Vivek, Port Louis, Sept. 2008
46 ICGS Sankalp, Singapore, May 2009
CL36 Kirikaze, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
PC22 Hamagumo, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
PC75 Hatagumo, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
PLH22 Yashima, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
PLH31 Shikishima, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
PS07 Ashitaki, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009
SS56 Cassiopeia, Yokosuka, Oct. 2009


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