Landing Ships
Amphibious warfare ships such as LSTs or tank landing ships are equipped to carry a variety of army equipment and discharge the same through bow doors or stern ramps.

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KRI Teluk Ende at Singapore    517 KRI Teluk Ende

                                 Teluk Semangka class


RSS Endurance at Singapore    Superstructure of RSS Endurance    L207 RSS Endurance

                                                                   Endurance class

RSS Endeavour at P. Louis
    RSS Endeavour at P. Louis    Hangar and helo deck of RSS Endeavour    Stern of RSS Endeavour    Stern ramp of RSS Endeavour

RSS Endeavour
Endurance class



    L9031 FS Francis Garnier

                                 Champlain class



        52 HMAS Manoora
                                                          Newport class



FS La Grandiere at Port Louis    L9034 FS La Grandière

                                     Champlain class

        L209 RSS Persistence                 L208 RSS Resolution
                                                                   Endurance class                                                           Endurance class

            LSD48 USS Ashland
                                                                                           Whidbey Island class



        G29 NDCC Garcia d'Avila


    593 KRI Banda Aceh

                                 Makassar class





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