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  The fate of land has been long decided at sea.  There will always be a romance for the sea and the sleek warships that have sailed upon it, from the wooden-hulled ships of the line to the steel hulled battleships.  Warships is a glimpse of some of those men-o-war, particularly those operating in the Indian Ocean.

Sea warfare is the most complex of all forms of warfare.  The ships, their armament, radar, counter-measures and anti-submarine warfare capability are all integrated into one unit.  Ships of today will eventually be retired from service, yet some of their names will carry on in newer ships.  The result is an engineering feat worth photographing for posterity.

Ships have been classified according to their role, armament and size.  Most of the ships photographed are operational, with two ships being floating museums. 

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      Published photos are marked as follows:
  Combat Fleets of the World 2000-2001    
  Combat Fleets of the World 2002-2003    
  Combat Fleets of the World 2005-2006    
  Combat Fleets of the World 15th Edition
  World Naval Weapon Systems 5th Edition
  Jane's Fighting Ships 2004-2005
  Jane's Fighting Ships 2007-2008
  Jane's Fighting Ships 2008-2009              
  Sails the Seven Seas CD-R 4.0 & 4.1
  Morze Statki i Okręty 4/2006                    
  Morze Statki i Okręty 12/2007
  Naval Forces II/2010
  Weyers Flottentaschenbuch 2008-2010                  

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