Designated DD, these are the greyhounds of the sea, having evolved from the swift WW II units.  Command, control & communications capabilities are now based upon these units, as navies have downsized from the battleship and cruiser classes.  Displacements range between 5,000 and 10,000 tons.

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HMS Gloucester at Singapore    Early warning radar & ASW torpedo tubes    20mm Phalanx CIWS gun    D96 HMS Gloucester

                                                                                            Type 42C class

Mast of FS Dupleix
    100mm DP gun of FS Dupleix    Exocet missile launchers of FS Dupleix    D641 FS Dupleix

                                                                                            Georges Leygues class

INS Delhi underway
        RBU-6000 and SSM canisters on INS Delhi    Masts and Admiral's flag on INS Delhi    Torpedo tubes on INS Delhi    Sea King recovering on INS Delhi     Sea King on INS Delhi

Sea King entering INS Delhi's hangar    INS Delhi underway                 

D61 INS Delhi
Delhi class

INS Ranvijay entering harbour    INS Ranvijay in port    The business end of INS Ranvijay    Masts of INS Ranvijay     DP gun of INS Ranvijay    Starboard SSM launchers of INS Ranvijay    SAMs on the forward launcher

Kamov recovering on INS Ranvijay     Kamov tied down        Kamov on INS Ranvijay    D55 INS Ranvijay
                                                                                                                                           Kashin II class

INS Ranjit entering harbour
        DP gun of INS Ranjit       D53 INS Ranjit
                                                                                                                                           Kashin II class

               D640 FS Georges Leygues

                                                                                                                           Georges Leygues class



INS Mysore at Singapore    D60 INS Mysore
                                 Delhi class

USS Pinckney at Singapore
        DDG91 USS Pinckney
                                                                   Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class

JDS Takanami at Singapore
                        DD110 JDS Takanami
                                                                                                                                                                                      Takanami class

            D62 INS Mumbai
                                                                                           Delhi class

    D54 INS Ranvir
                                 Kashin II class

            DDG100 USS Kidd                                DDG57 USS Mitscher
                                                                                           Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class                                     Arleigh Burke Flight I class

    DG51 USS Arleigh Burke                                DDG82 USS Lassen
Arleigh Burke Flight I class                                                                Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class

    DDH144 JDS Kurama                              DDG173 JDS Kongo                          DDG178 JDS Ashigara
                        Shirane class                                                                                                       Kongo class                                                                      Improved Kongo class


        DDG548 Admiral Panteleyev
                                                                   Udaloy class

    DDG85 USS McCampbell
                                 Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class

    DDH981 ROKS Choi Young
                                 Chungmugong Yi Sun-sin class




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