Coast Guard
Coast guard ships perform search and rescue duties, protect economic zones and prevent contraband from being brought ashore.  Larger units may supplement navy operations if the need arises.

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            CGS Guardian returns from refit

CGS Guardian

SDB Mk. 3 class


               CGS Vigilant tied up

CGS Vigilant

Vigilant class

            CGS Rescuer
                                                                                             Zhuk class

        CGS Retriever
                                                                              Zhuk class

    76mm OTOBreda DP gun               

ICGS Sarang

Samar class


    35 ICGS Veera

                                 Vikram class



    43 ICGS Sangram
                                Samar class



    42 ICGS Samar                        46 ICGS Sankalp
                                  Samar class                                                            Samar class




            CGS Observer
                                                                                                     P-2000 class



    PS07 Ashitaki
                                 Mihashi class



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