Designated A, these ships perform a variety of tasks ranging from ammunition ships to tenders, hospital ships, cargo ships, tugs and oilers.

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FS Garonne at P. Louis        A617 FS Garonne
                                                                   Garonne class

FS Somme at P. Louis
    Forward superstructure of Somme    Alouette on FS Somme    A631 FS Somme
                                                                                                     Durance class

                A608 FS Var
                                                                                                                                      Durance class

        A630 FS Marne
                                                          Durance class

PNS Moawin at Singapore
    A20 PNS Moawin

                                    Poolster class



   A53 INS Matanga
                                        Modified Gaj class


    A634 FS Rari
RR 4000 class


                        J22 INS Sarvekshak

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Sandhayak class


    A11 HMNZS Endeavour

        T-AK 3012  Sgt. William R. Button
                                                                   2nd Lt John P. Bobo class


                H131 HMS Scott

                                                                                                                   Scott class


    J15 INS Investigator
                                 Sandhayak class


FGS Berlin in squall        A1411 FGS Berlin
                                                                       Berlin class


    J19 INS Nirdeshak
                                 Sandhayak class


        A47 PNS Nasr
                                                          Fuqing class


        AOE425 JDS Masyu
                                                                   Masyu class


                                 YT58 class


    APL40 USS Nueces
                                 Benewah class


    T-AKE-4 USNS Richard E. Byrd

                                 Lewis and Clark class




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