United States Air Force

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 Mitchell, Hendon                                                     Skytrain, Duxford

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The B-25's claim to fame was Doolittle's daring Tokyo Raid in April 1942.  16 land- based B-25s launched from a very crowded USS Hornet, hurting the Empire's morale. Originally a DC-3 airliner, the C-47 Skytrain, Dakota or 'Gooney Bird' served as a workhorse in every theatre.  Used for the famed Arnhem and D-day paradrops. 



B-17G, Duxford

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Flying Fortress, used in day- light raids over Germany.  USAAF bombing effort had a far greater impact than RAF night attacks in crippling the Reich.  B-17 crews flew protective box formations into constant danger against fighters and flak.  The 'G' model had chin guns added after head-on attacks.  'Sally B' shown here.


Mustang, Duxford


P-51s were built to escort the 'Mighty 8th' AF B-17s and B-24s on their daylight bombing missions, all the way to Germany and back.  They were the key to victory.  RAAF Mustang shown here.



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F86A Sabre, Duxford

Inducted into USAF service in 1948.  First fighter capable of Mach 1 in a dive.  Evenly matched with the MiG-15, the Sabre pilots in Korea used their superior skill to make it a MiG-killer.  'A' model above did not have all-flying tailplane.  Nosewheel retracts to lie flat.  Bubble canopy gave excellent visibility.  Variants included the 'D' all weather interceptor with a retractable bay containing 24 folding fin Mighty Mouse rockets.



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A-1 Skyraider, Bangkok

One of the last piston-engined warplanes to be used in the last century, the Skyraider or 'Spad' met requirements for close air support in the Korean and Vietnam Wars where jets were too fast to be as effective.  The Skyraider could carry a phenomenal amount of fuel and ordnance under 15 external racks.  Used by the USMC, USAF and US Navy.


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T-33A, Duxford                                                    C-123 Provider, Bangkok 

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The world's first jet trainer, built on an F-80 Shooting Star fuselage.  Standard USAF jet trainer for many years.  The T-33A trainer was re-built into the all-weather F-94 Starfire! Vietnam War veteran, this rugged transport had short field capability, was also used as an AC-123 gunship and to drop Agent Orange.



B-52D, Duxford                                                                             A-10A II, Duxford

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Vietnam-era Stratofortress, capable of carrying 70,000 lbs. of bombs.   Production continued into the B-52H, capable of carrying ALCMs.  'D' model identifiable with a taller tail than the 'H'.  Non- stop around the world flight in 1957. Used with effect in Desert Storm and over Kosovo.  Designed for close air support with a tank- killing 30mm GAU-8/A Gatling gun, which is larger in length than a VW Beetle.  The armour- protected Thunderbolt also carries Mavericks, Sidewinders and bombs.