Royal Thai Air Force

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Breguet 14B2


Two-seat bomber/reconnaissance aircraft used by the French Air Force from 1917.  Was highly successful as a day bomber in 1918.  Powered by a 300 hp tractor engine, which was a marked design change over the pusher engine Breguet 5 bomber.  In RTAF service from 1919 to 1937.


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Indigenously designed aircraft, in service with the RTAF from 1927 to 1930.


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Boeing P-12E                                                      Hawk 75

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One of the first fighters with a fuselage of light alloy.  The P-12 was a predecessor of the Boeing P-26A 'Peashooter'. Widely-exported US fighter.  Laid foundations for Curtiss fighters like the P-36 & P-40.   RTAF service 1939 to 1949


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Tachikawa Ki-55


Imperial Japanese Army Air Force trainer, derived from the two-seat Ki-36 close support aircraft.   Also used by the RTAF and other air forces in South East Asia.  Hole on top of the cowling is where a machine gun would have fitted on the Ki-36.  Rare survivor, as the sign on the cowling indicates this to be one of only two left in the world.


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The AT-6 Texan or Harvard has served with a number of air forces, including the RTAF as a two-seat basic trainer.  Over 21,000 were built, supporting some of the largest ever pilot training programs in Canada and the USA during World War 2.


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Fairey Firefly                       Helldiver SB2C                       F8F Bearcat

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Fighter/fleet reconnaissance aircraft used aboard carriers from World War 2 upto the Korean War.  In RTAF service from 1951 - 1955. US Navy dive-bomber, used from 1943 onwards in the Pacific, causing the Imperial Japanese Navy much loss.  RTAF service 1951-1955. Powerful naval fighter of 2100 hp & one of the last piston - engined fighters.  Holder of several speed records.  RTAF service 1951-1961. 


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Dakota                                                               Pembroke

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Widely-used transport aircraft by numerous air forces around the world, including the RTAF.   First flight in 1935 as an airliner. Used by the RTAF as a transport aircraft, carrying up to 8 passengers. 


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A-37B Dragonfly                                                     F-5 Tiger

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Derived from the T-37 trainer, the Dragonfly was used in the Vietnam War to carry large amounts of ordnance on 8 hardpoints, plus had wingtip tanks. Widely-exported lightweight US fighter.  Built from the T-38 Talon trainer, as used by NASA.  Later derivative became the F-20 Tigershark.


All aircraft photographed at the RTAF Museum, Don Muang.