Royal Air Force

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Typhoon, Hendon


Typhoons strafed columns of German vehicles, especially in the Falaise Gap.  The Sabre powered 'Tiffy' also train-busted with four 20mm cannons and 60lb. rockets.



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     Lancaster, Duxford                                        Shackleton MR.3, Duxford

A legend, the Lancaster was responsible for most of Bomber Command's night attacks over Germany.  Used by 617 Sqn to breach 3 dams, sink the Tirpitz, and drop 22,000 lb. bombs.   Most RAF VCs were won by Bomber Command crews for incredible gallantry. Tracing its ancestry from the Lancaster, the Shackleton was used by Coastal Command for maritime recce, ASW and early warning during the 1950s & '60s.  Powered by Rolls-Royce Griffons with contra-rotating propellers.  Twin 20mm Hispano in nose.



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Hastings C1A, Duxford

Built using elements of the Halifax bomber, the Handley Page Hastings was inducted into RAF service in 1948.   This aircraft was probably used by Transport Command's 47 Sqn. in Operation Plainfare to ferry supplies during the Berlin Airlift.  Handley Page later used a Hastings as a testbed for Sapphire turbojet engines for its Victor V-bomber.



 Vampire F3, Hendon                                                     TSR.2, Duxford 

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The twin-tail Vampire entered RAF service in 1946 as its second jet fighter.  Powered by a d.H. Goblin engine.  Several variants built, including two-seat nightfighters.  Exported to several countries. Low-level high speed strike aircraft, was to have automatic flight control systems, HUD, terrain-following radar, and be capable of remote field operations. TSR.2 prototype XR219 flew in 1964.  Cancelled in 1965 due to engine problems, inadequate computer technology available and cost overruns.   XR222 shown above never flew.



Victor B(K)1A                                                            Vulcan B.2, Duxford

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Contemporary of the Vulcan, the Victor was inducted into 232 OCU in 1957 as part of the nuclear deterrent.  First tanker conversions in 1965.  Refuelled Vulcan strike on Falklands & Desert Storm missions.  Service end '93. Built to carry the Blue Steel nuclear missile and other warheads.  B.2 inducted into 230 OCU in 1960.  A Vulcan B.2 carried out 'Black Buck' runway strike on Falklands in 1982.  Ended service as K.2 tankers with 50 Sqn. in 1984.