Om namah Shivaya                              Shri guruve namah


Sharing to the needy people

Those who are financially enabled  to donate will do so for the benefit of the needy people who can't pay for the betterment of their fate but need a help to realise the progress of life. It is unjust to take from the poor and at the same time wish to help them in one way or the other. The expenses may be collected from the fortunate rich people, enabled by the luck and past good karmas who wish to help the poor.

If you are in the position to share and help others, believe me that it is a great luck to be able to do so and being rather generous vis-a-vis the receivers. Be happy that you are not in the line of receivers and you are in the rank of donors to keep on sharing and helping others. If the donors like you keep on sharing voluntarily the poverty will be erased from the globe one day. The world possesses sufficient riches for all but according to karmas of the individual the riches differ from person to person and there is to-day a horrible disparity. Those who get the chances to possess the riches should also be generous to secure a good future for themselves.

Those who abuse the luck will regret for it as it is a world-known fact that riches can turn into poverty in one life- time despite of the full guards and plenty of security officers. There are many cases in the world around you and me. So control the pride and excitement of your destiny. Riches do not have only singular ownership and it transfers from hand to hand to be managed and distributed at the same time. You are only the distributor and the manager of it. It serves you as long as you are proved a good one for the whole lot. And it originates a law to be abided by the proprietor. Otherwise it leaves for others after giving all the chances.

Sharing with the eyes open is the duty of a good distributor or manager. If you have confidence on the whole service then you are invited to donate generously to enhance the work of partnership and sharing to the needy.  With thanks .

And send your donation / draft on the address below

Mr.Poojanun Namah

C/o Shiv Shanty Dham

Royal Road,   LA FLORA

Grand-Bois,   MAURITIUS

Residential phone (230)  617 5431

Mobile / personal phone (230)  783 3247


List of considerable donors and supporters 

Mrs. Alka    Mann                                                                         Quatre Bornes,   Mauritius                                            Rs.10.000.00

Mr.Ajay    Baleea                                                                          Plaines Magnien,   Mauritius.                                       Rs.1.000.00                                              

Mr. Satish    Bharuth                                                                    La Flora,   Mauritius.                                                       Rs.500.00                                            

Mr Prem   Boodhoo                                                                    Curepipe,   Mauritius.                                                       Rs.500.00                               



Om namah Shivaya                              Shri guruve namah