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  Gateway to the inner plane 

According to common practice the names of the Great is pronounced and the permission of the guardian-gods is taken to get a better access into the field. The prayer is to open the gateway of the inner plane.

Hymn to the platform of Gurus

Respect is paid to the platform of Gurus of different paths and of different times who are all working for the same purpose viz. perfection of mankind, although they are found in distant places at different planes.

Invocation to Santpati Shivnarain

On this page the invocation-song to Santpati Shivnarain Maharaj is given which is beautifully sang to outline that he is graciously  working under the umbrella of Lord Shiva, also known as the nameless.

Glory to the altar

The altar is worshiped with special wordings and feelings as it is a divine place meant for the Lord in the form of the Guru where the grace is to be found in abundance for every recipient and the same is received respectfully.

Aspects of the divine

The nature of the divine is  mono  and multifarious at the same time. Without going into details, the common triangular aspects of male, female and both of them or the neutral gender, are revealed here as the popular facets.

Auspicious dates

It is highlighted that according to Hinduism and  Hindu Scriptures the lunar calendar is appropriate to choose a date for any ritualistic worship, ceremony or celebration.


The seven chakras are found in the physical body  of every man and because of  these main chakras everyone is a real dormant temple of God.  The gateway of the divine is widely opened even when a single chakra is further activated and this event accelerates the true spiritual pilgrimage.

Empowerment meditation

This meditation is done to empower oneself neatly with confidence and to know the reality of chakras  and their respective colours one by one. It is practiced while merging the vibration-issued force of the self. Attend the assembly to get a clear idea of the technique.

Feats of yogic meditation

Benefits of meditation are enumerated to show its importance not only to prolong life-span but  to move towards the perfection of  eternal life in all the daily activities.

Ganga vandana

The representation of water in life shows its importance in all the different rituals of  humanity. According to the Hindu scriptures the appraisal of the Ganges and all the rivers running towards the sea is chanted to honor this water-cult.

Gems from the golden temple

A few spiritual gems are given on this page to inspire all those aspirants who want to tread the path of the divine and to move further steps towards the goal of spirituality and mysticism.

Initiations procedure

 As the path of spirituality and mysticism is unknown and invisible, hesitation is quite natural among the newcomers. A procedure not only fosters the normalcy but also earns the confidence of the aspirants in the journey avoiding all the speculations of the whole affair. Here over, the aim of the procedure is no more than to put the aspirant on the real way.

Insight meditation

This is the simple of simple meditations at the level of enjoying the divine activities of elevated souls including saints and sages within and outside the lineage. This meditation will not only foster peace and harmony in your life but also divinise your whole inner-being and heals the bad tempers which has been clouding your entire self since long years and years.

Instant healing

An invitation to confirm spirituality and to move forward within its dimension.

Lord Shiva

The whole of Lord Shiva is not known even to the near and dear ones but some parts of His nature and attributes are enumerated only to facilitate the devotee to identify  His luminous figure or other hidden form. Open the page now if you really want to know some of the composures of Lord Shiva.

Mantra yoga

This page normally deals with the definition and realization procedures of the science of mantra or other formulae. Mantra yoga is the cream of meditation and the best form of worship according to the saying of Lord krishna in the Bhagwat Gita, Chapter 10, sloka 25.

Mauritius: The rainbow island

Some facts about the island are given in the page to better understand the country and the people residing there.  The whole issue of spiritual practice and the mystic ideas sprouted from a distant land with all the petty differences while being far from the country of originality.


The mysterious expression of the divine itself defines the mysteries  around it and this truth is ever known as mysticism. The chapter defines it more eloquently and the reader finds another dimension of the truth.

Part indicates the whole

The whole of the issue is not graspable to anyone than Himself and only part of his truth is left reachable and the whole speculation goes within some facets of the truth.  The title speaks explicitly for itself and there is no need to explain further.

Pledges of initiation

If you are an aspirant and you are still hesitating to join in, one thing is sure that a question is around you inquiring either for the readiness of the self or the lot that awaits you, and this page gives you the answers to consolidate the decision.

Plenitude of life

More than giving length of age or increasing span of life, it is more important and beautiful the constant feeling of an eternal life. The poem is a trial to describe the real purpose of life and to live fully to mean the plenitude of life. 


Sadhna is the accelerated effort made to satisfy the final desires of the self and to know all that is divine without discarding the idea of reaching the ultimate destination, the union with the Supreme Being. Further definition is found in the page itself.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Another poem to express the three facets of life viz. Satyam Shivam Sundaram or the eternal, divine and beautiful as the fundamental qualities of the entire existence.

Shanty karman

Although life is known to be divine it is not always a flower-garden to tread amidst roses without any obstacle or difficulties. The reality of life is full of sufferings and some practices called Shanty-Karman may discard some ailments or life-long diseases from here and there.

Shiv shanty dham

Shiv is the auspicious name of the nameless.

Shanty is the beneficial practice of the way.

Dham is the gifted abode of peace and bliss.

Sound meditation

This meditation is so easy that it may be practiced in leisure hours if you want to see the simplicity as it is based on the universal sound of creation. This may lead you into mysticism if you go deeper into the field to understand the whole play of the truth and to be a co-worker with the mighty father of all.

The visible is the way to the invisible

As the visible is the result of the invisible the visible does lead to its source which is the invisible. And the heading speaks for itself much better than any additional explanation.

Transformation of the self

This is the goal of all spiritual practices or sadhna of any sort. If one does not change himself to move towards perfection then there is no need or importance to tread the path of the divine or the Great One. Transformation of the self is the key-word and this is the purpose of the whole spirituality, mysticism, religiosity etc.

Yogic meditation

Yogic meditation is the apex of all sorts of meditations or worship reaching the greatest force of spirituality. Herewith, all is to be found within the field of expression of the Great.


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Om namah Shivaya                              Shri guruve namah