Om namah Shivaya                              Shri guruve namah

Shiv is the auspicious name of the nameless

Shanty is the way to get rid of invisible obstacles 

Dham is the gifted abode of peace and bliss

The abode of the compassionate Lord Shiva.

A window on spirituality and mysticism.

The way for a better living.

This window opens to the ageless and gracious ascetic Lord Shiva.

It also speaks of spirituality, mysticism, tantra,

worship, shaivism, meditation, awareness, chakra, enlightenment, wisdom etc.

almost all that is found around the force of the Supreme Being who is universal and the same all the time

 by various names in different countries of our same globe.

SHIV SHANTY DHAM    Briefs and hints on titles heading the pages.

LINKS ON SPIRITUALITY     similar websites on spirituality exposed to visit.

WEEKLY ASSEMBLY    at Shiv Shanty Dham, La Flora, Mauritius. (Contact person)

DONATIONS   The philosophy of sharing facilities to others or the needy aspirants.

TOC / SSD   Table of contents of the website.


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Om namah Shivaya                              Shri guruve namah