Welcome to this Official website of  Shekinah Glory Ministries. Thanks for visiting this web page. My desire is to use this site to glorify God and to minister to others. This web pages were born after I experienced the miracle power of Jesus into my lives, family  and business .We have seen the Shekinah Glory of God manifested in my life. You will explore along my Family testimony, my conversion, the Healing power of Jesus in my life. How God used me for His Glory, and my Goal and Vision.

                      Shekinah is a Hebrew word which refers to the Manifest Presence of God. This Presence is among His People. God fills the universe, but He's promised where we gather in Jesus' name He will be there. When King Solomon had finished having the Temple of God built, the Presence of God came upon the Temple so powerfully " that the priests could not continue ministering because of the cloud; for the Glory of the Lord filled the House of the Lord." This Presence is sometimes referred to as the Shekinah Glory. My prayer is that this website will be a blessing especially
to those who don't yet know the Lord also pray that those
who do already know the Lord will come to know Him
more deeply through these pages.

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