Anurag Maloo, 2011 Teach for India Fellow, visited Pakistan in November 2012.

This is what he has to say:

Thanks for the experience of a lifetime, Pakistan! Thank you for making me fall in love not just with your country, but also with your people, culture and lifestyle.

I have always grown up thinking that Pakistan and India are two opposite ends. But this trip gave me a wonderful opportunity to understand the people and their mindsets rather than what we have been just reading it in our history text books.

They are different but so unique. We share the common civilization; it seems visible even today looking at the twin sister cities, Delhi - Lahore and Mumbai - Karachi.

It leaves my mind and heart with a hope to see both the nations coming closer to each other.

You can enjoy my Pakistan experience here in my album "The Mirror between Us - Pakistan Diaries":

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