Peace Tour - Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka ( May 24 - June 05, 2011 )

A delegation of 9 Servas Pakistan members set off on a peace tour to visit Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka from 24th May to 5th June 2011.

The aim of this delegation was to promote peace and inter-faith harmony;because of this tour we had the pleasure to meet the National Secretaries of the respective countries once again. We had a great reception on our arrival at Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Kandy. We are very thankful to the NSs and the fellow Servas members for their hospitality and to arrange the local Servas meetings for us. We talked on different matters about how tours like this can benefit Servas in exchanging cultural and traditional views.

My fellow members really had a great time and they learnt several new things about traveling with Servas, and due to this tour they had a chance to observe the culture and customs of these countries. We think that these kinds of tours can be a helpful source for countries to interact and promote peace and love.

In a nutshell I would like to say that this tour was over-all a complete success. We are once again very thankful to Mrs. Kiat, Mr. Thongchai and Mr. Walter the NSs of Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka and the fellow members of these countries for giving us their precious time and for their generosity. We also invite them to visit our country and to give us a chance to serve them.

Again thanks a lot for your kindness, hospitality and warm welcome.

Shahzad Akhtar Siddiqi

Deputy Secretary,

Servas Pakistan

Muhammad Amjad - Secretary Information Servas Pakistan