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Flights reach Samoa from Los Angeles, Honolulu, Auckland, Sydney and Nadi/Fiji. 


Come and discover why people have been falling in love with the heart of Polynesia since the beginning of history. A land where unspoiled customs, cultures and courtesies still exist. Where visitors are welcomed as friends. Where natural beauty and a unique living culture are major attractions that you can enjoy from the comfort of a fine selection of accommodation facilities. Today, Samoa is an emerging tourist destination with a wide range of activities to enjoy.

Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson fell in love with it and discovered his own "Treasure Island." Stevenson's charming residence "Vailima" has been meticulously restored and is now a museum, the great author himself is buried atop Mt Vaea, overlooking Apia and its harbour. It's a resting place he chose so he could stay forever with Samoa and the people he loved.

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Welcome to Polynesia's tropical islands! …where the hospitable villagers live their ancestral culture in a botanical garden-like setting, between the coral reefs and the rainforest.

Samoa, the Heart of Polynesia! More than just tropical islands, Samoa is a very special land of extraordinary beauty. Come and experience the history, myths and legends of our island paradise. A land where virgin rain forests spawn sparkling waterfalls and secluded spring-fed pools and streams. Where on clean, sweeping white beaches, sunshine and palm trees may be your only companions.

And in the villages which necklace the coast, the dominant buildings are churches and the "fale" - great open meeting buildings where, in a unique governing system, the "matai" family representatives get together weekly to efficiently administer the village's affairs. It's a system that's been successful for over 3,000 years.

Although most Servas hosts live around Apia, they may invite visitors to meet & stay with their relatives in the villages, also e.g. in Savaii, the big island where polynesian culture is purest and from where all Polynesia was populated.

Our hosts open their homes to receive visitors who adapt and are anxious to learn, listen, talk, share and remain in contact. Be satisfied with what the host has to offer. In order to fulfill the requirements of the culture, especially in the villages, when leaving, be prepared to insist on giving a gift or money in proportion to the "value" of your stay. It may well be refused, but you should ensure you do leave something - it's traditional to offer and equally a tradition to refuse. Present your gift as a "meaalofa" or token of friendship.

If possible, do contact the host in advance to check if he can receive you and if the timing of your visit is convenient. Always do share your Servas letter of introduction.

Do promptly inform your hosts if your travel plans change!

When you arrive, you will receive a tourist visa and you may take the airport bus to Apia, from where you can contact your host at one of the hotels or from the Post Office, on Beach Road, in front of the ANZ bank.

We are sure you will enjoy your stay and, as they say here to the visitors: "We call these islands 'Paradise', you will call them 'Home away from Home'".

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Talofa Lava and welcome to Samoa