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A long shaped, landlocked country which lies in East Africa, surrounded by Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania, it is commonly called the 'warm heart of Africa'. ( 6 hours drive from Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe) Malawi had been kept in place by a 'self elected president for life' called Banda for nigh on 40 years. He died in late 1997 and political change has slowly started to take place. Previously back-packers had to enter with clean shaven hair and girl in long skirts, the dress code has considerable slackened since the 80's. Essentially a very poor country with a poor economical outlook and future. The kwacha (local currency) continues to spiral and while this makes Malawi an attractive to visit for foreigners, it is making it very hard for the average person of Malawi to be able to afford even the basics to survive. Little touched by mainstream tourism it is hoped that with increased effort it will attract foreign visitors but the appalling road system will need serious repair and expansion. But this is partly what makes it so attractive, -its off the beaten track so consequently there are no swarms of tourists and it has a slow pace of life. Its National Park are improving facilities and are high on the ' unique- you should visit them' scale.


Lots of history because of missionaries, colonialism, Livingstone, Banda, etc. Capital is Lilongwe.
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Lake Malawi , 568 Kilometers long and 16 Kilometers wide, accounts for 20 percent of Malawi's total surface area. It offers the only world water national park of outstanding beauty.

BLANTYRE : Second largest town in Malawi, and home to British Council and some embassies. Connection between Lilongwe and Blantyre is by a 1) 4 hour bus (last bus leaves Lilongwe at 1730 pm costs US 20 ) or plane connection. Airport is a 30 minute drive from Blantyre .The town is surrounded by gentle rolling hills and quite cool. Heavy rainfall Nov - March.

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