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Kenya is named after a mountain of the same name. The Kikuyu people who lived around present day Mt Kenya referred to it as Kirinyaga or Kerenyaga, meaning ‘mountain of whiteness’ because of its snow capped peak.

Kenya covers an area of approximately 224,960 square miles and lies almost exactly astride the equator It could be said that Kenya is a large plateau at an altitude of 1200 to 3000 metres leaving only a small coastal plain opposite the Indian Ocean. Several ethnic groups including the Kikuyus ( 20 % of the population) and the Masais live alongside Indian, Arab and European minorities. Nearly 25% of the total is concentrated in the large cities of Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu including large towns such as Nakuru.

Nairobi is the capital city and a commercial center. It is situated 300 miles from the Coast and lies midway between the capitals of Uganda and Tanzania. It is the largest city in east Africa.

Kenya is Africa’s original safari destination, attracting explorers, adventurers and travellers for centuries. There are a lot of "big five" parks and reserves than any other part in the world !!

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JAMBO is one of the most common words you will hear spoken throughout Kenya.
This is the simplest Swahili greeting, and is often the first word learned by visitors to Kenya.


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