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servas logo Dear visitor,

Servas comes from Esperanto meaning " to serve" In our association,
we open our doors through a network to hosting and travelling in the service of Peace.

We believe that it is through mutual understanding and friendship that we can help to bring more comprehension and PEACE between different countries. In this site, you can discover the Servas network in the Southern Africa region. We do hope that you would join us in this endeavour.


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                Cape Town - Nairobi

Servas travel "should be a learning experience".
----------------------------------------Reva King


"Servas is not a low-cost hospitality program," says co-founder Bob Luitweiler. It's a program to build understanding of social conditions and social movements in various parts of the world. And this helps individuals become active in their local communities."

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With every true friendship, we build

more firmly the foundations on which

the peace of the whole world rest.

Mahatma Gandhi

Bob Luitweiler's talk in San Francisco for Servas 50th anniversary

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