Servas Zambia

Zambia is one of Africa's hidden gems with some of the greatest natural scenery on the continent.

It is famous for the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls, the later of which was named by David Livingstone, a Scottish explorer, and the first European to see the falls.

It is completely landlocked. It is mainly savannah plateau land with a bit of rain forest in the hilly regions and the region bordering the Victoria Falls. The chief water bodies are the Zambezi River and the Congo River. It is bordered on all sides by the countries of Mozambique, Tanzania, Angola, Malawi, Congo, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

The fauna in Zambia consists of hippo, crocodile, lion, leopard, spotted hyena, cheetah, elephant, buffalo, antelope, zebra, impala, puku and the thornicroft giraffe. Rare species include the wild dog and the shoebill stork.

Like in many other African countries, ethnic diversity is a striking feature in Zambia. The relatively small population of just over 11 million people comprises of over 70 different languages, also referred to as tribes. Almost all share the same historical origin of belonging to the Bantu-speaking group.

Hosts outside Livingstone get few Travellers and especially welcome them.

Do tell your Hosts of any particular interests you have - e.g. visit to a village or shanty town, a school or hospital, the work of NGOs with children, street children, AIDS patients, orphans, development projects, churches. They may be able to introduce you.

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