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Cape Town - Photo: Jeffrey Barbee ,
CAPE TOWN : Nestled below the monumentous Table Mountain is South Africa's cosmopolitan mother city - Cape Town! World renowned for its spectacular views, mountains, nightlife and entertainment, Cape Town is a must visit destination on any trip to Southern Africa. During the spring and summer months (October to March) Cape Town's beaches come alive in hot, dry weather whilst the winter months bring rain and are ideal for cozy fireside dinners and sampling the fine fare at Cape Town' s many fine restaurants and wine farms without the rush the high tourist seasons bring.



Jo'burg - Photo: Chris Kirchhoff,
JOHANNESBURG is the financial, economic and cultural giant of South Africa -and by implication the entire African continent. To put things in perspective, Jo'burg (or Jozi as often called) is the capital of Gauteng, South Africa's smallest province. Gauteng boasts the African continent's second-largest economy - excluding the rest of South Africa - after Egypt. As such, Jo'burg's essence is defined by the pursuit of cold, hard cash - whether it is a hawker hustling a soft drink for a few rands or an IT whizz kid closing a multimillion-dollar deal. Money is Jo'burg's raison d'Ítre - and has been since its foundation in 1886 when the world's richest gold fields were discovered. Johannesburg can seem overwhelming to the first-time visitor. Most international visitors stick to the city's affluent northern suburbs, home to gleaming shopping malls, international hotel chains and the head offices of the country's leading economic players.


Durban - Photo:  Graeme Williams ,
DURBAN formerly known as Port Natal - A natural port that has grown into one of South Africa's best-known and most popular coastal resorts and commercial ports. With stretches of safe, sandy beaches and abundance of holiday accommodation destinations available and all-year sunshine attract visitors to this festive city every year. Experience and view an exotic mix of oriental plazas, cathedrals, mosques and temples. There are festivals of traditional Zulus performing tribal dances amongst the rippling folds of the Valley of a Thousand Hills, while sun seekers ski and swim in the tumbling surf. Sunbathe on Durban's finest beaches or taste the nightlife of the city where the fun never sets, and soak up the cosmopolitan atmosphere that is uniquely Durban's own!