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54 th Anniversary celebrations - Servas Pakistan.

Servas Pakistan Meeting was held to celebrate the 54th Anniversary of SERVAS International at Hotel Pearl Continental, The Mall Lahore, Pakistan on 10th of October 2003. The meeting was presided by the National Secretary of Servas Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Naseem. The Meeting was started in "Shalimar C" Conference Hall at 3.00 p.m. In the meeting, there were fifty nine members from all over Pakistan including six female members, one observer from Servas Nepal, Guest Speaker and the Chief Guest. The honorable Chief Guest was the President of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, he congratulated all the members of SERVAS Pakistan on the occasion of the 54th Anniversary of Servas International and highlighted his experience of traveling in different countries of the world. He also told the Servas members about the importance of Peace & Tourism. He realized that the mission of Servas is to create the atmosphere of friendship through Open Doors Open Minds in different nations of the entire world. He also prayed for the bright future of SERVAS.

All members actively participated and proposed suggestions to uplift the activities of SERVAS Pakistan. The second SERVAS Pakistan Newsletter & Servas International News # 45 was distributed among the members. Mr. Nauman Naseem & Mr. Manzoor Ahmad distributed the Servas Key Chains & Servas Telephone Index among all the members of SERVAS Pakistan. This meeting was held as Servas International Anniversary day and to review the activities of last Servas meetings.

Programme Coordinators Ms. Shamsa Malik & Mr. Faisal Naveed Toor welcomed the Chief Guest and other participants. Programme was started with recitation of Holy Quran followed by the National Anthem of Pakistan and Servas Song. Dr. Saleem recited few verses from the Holy Quran with translation. Programme Coordinator told the importance of National Anthem and Servas Song. Programme Coordinators briefly introduced Servas Pakistan as well as Servas International and its activities worldwide.

After this following members made their speeches about Servas and Peace:
Dr. Riaz Ahmad
Dr. Saeed Ashraf Cheema
Dr. Muhammad Saleem Akhtar
Mr. Ajmal Ahmad
Mr. Dinesh Tiripathi of Servas Nepal (observer)
Mr. Babar Butt (Guest Speaker)
Mr. Muhammad Naseem (National Secretary of Servas Pakistan)
Mian Anjum Nisar (Chief Guest)

Ms. Munazza Naseem offered all members to show their personal interest in Servas development projects. She said that we need your good suggestions for Servas Travel Guide. All members shown their agreement to help the Servas in future and also promotion of Servas in Pakistan.
National Secretary Mr. Muhammad Naseem made a speech in which he highlighted the last year`s activities of Servas Pakistan. He also briefed about the second Servas Pakistan Newsletter and the next edition of Servas Travel Guide of Pakistan. He also proposed to extend membership and its activities for the peace of the world. He also talked about the need of Peace in the World. He said that what the super powers got from Afghanistan & Iraq ? war is not a solution of a problem or terrorism we need the peace in the world and we have to work hard to get this noble objective, he also highlighted his orphanage school project in Jalalabad Afghanistan. At the end he thanked to all the members, observer, Guest Speaker & the Chief Guest who attended the meeting.

Mr. Dinesh Tiripathi who is an advocate of the Supreme Court of Nepal & also was an observer of Servas Nepal in this meeting said that Servas International is a peace building movement through open door it creats atmosphere for International brotherhood. Without people to people relation you can not build the peace, people have important role to play. Servas provides space for cross cultural dialogues which is beneficial for the peace building process. He also congratulated to all Servas members of Pakistan in this occasion. He also pleased to see the Servas work & activities in Pakistan & appericiated the efforts of Servas Pakistan`s National Secretary to promote Servas in this region.

Our Guest Speaker Mr. Babar Butt requested to all the members to work hard & increase the circle of Servas activities in Afghanistan, Iran & turkmenistan, he appreciated the efforts of Mr. Muhammad Naseem in this regard.

At the end, the Chief Guest addressed the audience and displayed his views about the basic structure of a man and his role in this world & how we can build the relation with different nations through Servas. He thanked to all the participants who came to attend this great event, & he also congratulated all the Servas members on Servas Anniversary day.
The Chief Guest presented Creative Work Awards to the following Servas members on the behalf of Servas Pakistan.
Dr. Saleem Akhtar
Dr. Riaz Ahmad
Dr. Saeed Ashraf Cheema
Mr. Waseem Shahzad (coordinator for Punjab)
Mr. Sohail Akhter (coordinator for Sindh)
Mr. Ajmal Ahmad
Mr. Aman Ullah Sheikh
Mr. Nadeem Ahmed
Mr. Faisal Naveed Toor
Mr. Muhammad Ali
Mrs. Urooj
Mr. M. Arshad Khan (Deputy Secretary of Servas Pakistan)
Ms. Munazza Naseem (Host List Officer of Servas Pakistan)
Mr. M. Waheed Butt (Secretary Information of Servas Pakistan)
Mr. Shabbir Ahmad Alvi
Mr. Muhammad Shafique Khan
Mr. Muhammad Zahid Butt
Syed Ali Raza Zaidi
Syed Zafar Hussain
Mr. A. Latif Rashad
Mr. Zahid Latif
Mr. Saeed Ullah
Mr. Waheed Ashraf
Mr. Manzoor Ahmad
Mr. Faisal Rais
The National Secretary of Servas Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Naseem Shields to the honorable observer Mr. Dinesh Tiripathi, Guest Speaker Mr. Babar Butt & the Chief Guest Mian Anjum Nisar.
Mrs. Dilshad Saba
Ms. Rehana Iqbal
Mr. Shabbir Ahmad Alvi
Dr. Riaz Ahmed
Ms. Urooj
Syed Ali Raza Zaidi
The National Secretary of Servas Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Naseem presented a shield to the honorable Chief Guest Pro. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Sultan.
At the end, following announcements were made.
Request for suggestions and views about Servas Pakistan Newsletter.
Request of articles for Servas Pakistan Newsletter.
Advertisement request for Servas Travel Guide / Host List.
Request for contribution in Servas

Before this event photographer made the Group Photos of all members with Chief Guest.

At the end of this beautiful meeting an Anniversary Cake with Hi-tea offered to all the participants, and all the members enjoyed with Hi-Tea in the beautiful Dinning Hall ( Marco Polo) of this Hotel.

Report by Humaira F.Qureshi, Servas Pakistan News Bureau Incharge.