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52st Anniversary celebrations - Servas Pakistan.

Members of Servas Pakistan met at Hotel Holiday Inn, Lahore to celebrate the 52nd anniversary of Servas International.

More than 35 members attended the meeting from all over Pakistan. Foreign delegates from Korea and Japan were also suppose to attend the meeting but they changed their programme due to the current war situation in the region.

Meeting was started with recitation of verses from Holy Quran. National anthem and Servas Song was sung by all the participants.

Chief Guest of the meeting was Malik Muhammad Abdullah Shahid (Deputy Secretary Admin) Labour & Manpower Department, Lahore (Punjab)

Mr.Tariq Ilyas, Managing Director, Shariah Computer College, and Ms.Humaira F.Qureshi, Incharge News Bureau of Servas Pakistan addressed to the meeting regarding peace and war between Afghanistan and USA. They said we should have to do work only for the peace.

Mr.Muhammad Naseem, National Secretary of Servas Pakistan also addressed to the members regarding Servas activities around the world and within Pakistan. He said with the quotation of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah:
“Our object should be peace within and peace without we want to live peacefully and will gladly make out full contribution to the peace and prosperity of the world”.

He also talked about the war between Afghanistan and USA. He said that war is not a solution of a problem or terrorism we need the peace in the world and we have to work hard to get this noble objective. At the end he thanked to all members and visitors who attended the meeting.

The honorable Chief guest Malik Muhammad Abdullah Shahid addressed the meeting and stressed the need of peace for humanity. He also said that we have to help those peoples who help the others, like Servas. At the end National Secretary presented a shield to Honorable Chief Guest on behalf of Servas Pakistan. Picture

First two shields were presented by Chief Guest to our foreign delegates (who did not attended the meeting due to the said reason) Mr. Eum Jae Ryang National Secretary of Korea and other for Mrs. Huh Kab Won of Servas Korea.

The Chief Guest presented some other shields to the following members on behalf of Servas Pakistan.

Muhammad Arshad Khan

Deputy Secretary

Muhammad Waheed Butt

Secretary Information

Munazza Naseem

Host List Officer

Ch. Abdul Hadi

Regional coordinator (Punjab)

Sohail Akhtar

Regional Coordinator (Sindh)

Two shields were also presented as complimentary to:

Mr.Tariq Ilyas Managing Director (Shariah Computer College) who prepared the title of the Host list of Servas Pakistan 2002. Mr.Nadeem Ahmad who composed the Host List of Servas Pakistan for 2002.

At the end of meeting an Anniversary Cake with Hi-tea offered to the participants.

A relief fund had launched by Servas Pakistan to help the refugees & war victims of Afghanistan, Servas Pakistan request the Servas family all over the world to donate warm cloths,medicine,food stuff,blankets, tents or cash amount to help the innocent Afghani citizen. For donation please contact the National Secretary of Servas Pakistan:
Muhammad Naseem
National Secretary,
Servas Pakistan,
GPO Box-516,
Mobile Phone: +92-300-9414105
Fax: +92-42-7924313
Thanks and best regards.
Ms.Humaira F.Qureshi
Incharge News Bureau,
Servas Pakistan.