Second meeting of Servas Pakistan year 2000 was held on 14th May, 2000 at the beautiful hall of Ambassador Hotel, Lahore presided by the National Secretary Mr. Muhammad Naseem.The keynote speaker was Syed Zulfiqar Hussain who is consultant of anti narcotics campaign against drug abuse prevention program and Chief coordinator of Youth Council for Antinarcotics.

Program was started with the recitation of Holy Quran and National Anthem of Pakistan, after that National Secretary Mr. Muhammad Naseem presented the report of Servas Pakistan and Deputy Secretary introduced Servas International and its activities worldwide

Our Chief guest was Mr.Humayun Fareed (Honorary Consolate of Bangladesh at Lahore) but due to an emergency meeting he left to Bangladesh Embassy at Islamabad & unable to attend our meeting. Our guest speaker Syed Zulfiqar Hussain highlighted on the latest situation on drug abuse in Pakistan and its prevention program with different Government Organizations and NGOs. He gave statistics showing drop of cultivation of poppy crops from 265 mt to 16 mt from 1975 to 1998 which will be eliminated within two years more and it was a healthy sign for this nation. He visited himself with his team in the different poppy cultivated areas of NWFP province with the help of Narcotics affairs Section of USA Embassy are astonish to see the development with the help of UNDP. In this regard he has arranged many training seminars and public awareness program against drug abuse, treatment & rehabilitation program with the help of Pakistan Narcotics Control Board. On the whole it was an excellent awareness program for Servas friends.

Previously we had announced an award for making & launching extraordinary web site for Servas Pakistan, which was unanimously presented to Mr. Joseph Rey of Servas Mauritius for his kind services regarding Servas Pakistan.

Other award was announced & presented to Mr. Daniele Pasalacqua of Servas Italy for launching Urdu Servas introduction page on website . We again thankful for their services, Mr. Saleem Akhtar said vote of thanks for our guest speaker and Servas momento were presented to our Chief guest & guest speaker.

At the end following announcements were made:
Request to all the Servas friends to join language classes.
Asked to deposit Rs.50.00 for Servas Identification Card.
An essay competition among the school students about "PEACE IN THE REGION".
Finalization of travel guide / Host list which will be delivered in June.

Report by Miss Humaira F. Qureshi
Servas News Bureau Lahore.