In Pakistan

Servas friends in Lahore, Pakistan celebrated 50th anniversary of Servas. This conference was held on 10 Oct at Avari Hotel, where around 40 Servas friends including the participation of honorary members. The keynote speaker was Mr. Zia Haider Rizvi ( Honorary Consular General of Thailand ) who hold the office in several NGOs in Lahore particularly Rotary, OHRD, etc..

He highlighted the prospects of tourism in Pakistan and gave us valuable proposals for the promotion of the latter in Pakistan. He elaborated at the programmes being done by the NGOs for peace, literacy and culture.

He praised the activities of Servas and gave some suggestions to make it more approachable. Our second guest was Mr Shyam Prasad Pradhan who, on behalf of Servas Nepal, read the message of Mr. Bibendra Pradhananga Area Coordinator for South West Asia.

Mr. Muhammad Naseem, Regional Coordinator of Servas Lahore presented the progress report of Servas Lahore and highlighted the future programme. Further Assistant coordinator Mr Tahir Nadeem introduced Servas International and its activities worldwide for the new visitors and also asked a vote of thanks for both guests.

On the occasion of the golden jubilee celebrations, special peace awards for best performance were distributed to the founding members of Servas Lahore whose devotion and financial assistance help in the growth of Servas in Pakistan.

Creative / hard work peace awards were presented to three members namely Mr Muhammad Naseem, Mr Tahir Nadeem, and Mr. Istiaq Anjun. There were five special awards for Servas International, for best coordination with Servas Lahore received by Mr Shyam Pradhan
Mr. Bob Luitweller - Cofounder Servas International
Mr. Bibendra Pradhananga - Area coordinator of South West Asia
Mr. Bertrand Bailleul - Vice President Servas INternational
Mrs. Vibeke Matorp - Former Secretary General Servas International
Ms. Claudia Pinto - Assistant Secretary Servas Interanational

At the end, the following announcements were made:

  • Arrangements of short language courses on English, Arabic, Persian and Japanese for Servas members.
  • Request for financial assistance for Servas travel guide/host list.
  • Asked for names of Servas friends interested to participate in a Regional conference being held in Dhaka in December 99
  • A one-week youth camp in North Pakistan
  • Election date ie. 6 Nov 99 for a new Servas team
    After the meeting, all the Servas friends had dinner together.

    Report by Miss Humaira F. Qureshi
    Servas News Bureau Lahore.