Servas Pakistan Annual Youth Meeting - Dec 2012

Servas Pakistan Annual Meeting for the year of 2012 was called by the National Secretary of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan.
The event was held at "Adbi Baithak" Alhamra Arts Center Hall # 3, Mall Road, Lahore.

The meeting initiated with the recitation of Holy Quran. The main agenda of the meeting included the Future Prospect of Servas Pakistan and its role in the International Servas Community. And another main reason for the meeting was to be able to follow-up on the decisions taken by Servas Pakistan Youth in their previous meeting.

The meeting preceded with the attendance of the following Servas Members:

Muhammad Naseem, Muhammad Shoaib Khan, Shahzad Akhtar, Dr. Riaz Ahmad, Nauman Naseem, Saqib Shahzad, Viachaslav Pustovoyt (Observer from Russia) , Khalid Baig, Khalid Shehzad, Muhammad Babar Bhatti, Dr. Muhammad Usman Ilyas, Bilal Akram, Dr. Arslan Riaz, Mrs Dr. Riaz, Mian Muhammad Afzal, Imran Hanif Chaudhry, Abdul Razzaq Mughal, Dr. Khalid, Hafiz Muhammad Tanweer, Abdul Razzaq Pasha, Muhammad Afzal Dogar, Hafiz Ahmad Shahid, Malik Fahad Rafique, Waheed Ashraf, Muhammad Aslam Ranjha, Imran-ul-Huda, Shoukat Ali, Mrs. Shoukat Ali, Nadeem Masih, Haji Muhammad Shafique, & Majid Khan

Meeting Minutes

  • Recitation of Holy Quran.
  • Introduction of the attendees.
  • Discussion on the future prospects and planning.
  • Briefing about Servas Pakistan’s global roles and interaction with Servas world community.
  • Review and follow-up on the decisions taken by Servas Pakistan Youth in their previous meeting.
  • Updates about the dues and other Servas Pakistan decision.
  • Questions/Answers/Suggestions Session.
  • Closing words by Muhammad Shoaib Khan (NS Servas Pakistan).
  • Christmas and New Year Celebration with Refreshment.

  1. Hafiz Muhammad Tanvir suggested Local Tour arrangements across Pakistan.
  2. Mr. Mian Muhammad Afzal suggested that the youth should work under a vision and all members should monitor and guide the youth members of Servas Pakistan.
  3. Mr. Khalid Shehzad commented to include the agenda items in the intimations/invitations for all upcoming meetings.
  4. It was suggested to organize activities for fund raising and donation auctions for Servas Pakistan.
  5. Female attendance in the attendance should be prioritized and encouraged; Mr. Muhammad Naseem suggested.
  6. The next SCWA meeting was suggested to be held in Lahore, Pakistan.

  1. New Host List will be published and distributed in January, 2013.
  2. “Meeting Agenda” announced to be included in the intimation of every future meeting.
  3. The next cabinet elections are going to be held in October, 2013.
  4. The SP community e-mail address will be used from onwards, for formal communication. All members were requested to confirm their e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
  5. All members should automatically pay their dues before the 20th of December, each year.
  6. All Annual Meetings are to be held on the last Sunday of December, from onwards.

  Servas Pakistan National Youth Meeting 2012 Report