Servas Pakistan AGM 2012

Servas Pakistan Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday 18th March at Royal Beauty Parlor Lahore.

The AGM was presided by Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan the National Secretary of Servas Pakistan.

Guest speaker Mr. Zia Haider Rizvi (Chairman Thai Airways) was invited to the meeting, some other dignitaries were also invited who offered great opinions and suggestion in order to strengthen the peace prevailing process and added some important hints for the betterment of Servas cause. The events during the whole years were discussed and planning was made for the next year.

Mr. Muhammad Naseem (The President of Servas Pakistan) and Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan (The National Secretary) presented their speeches and pointed out some aspects which were very important, So, as to eliminate the incapable and dull members and add competent and duty conscious people in the organization.

They mentioned the importance of selfless and volunteer efforts of all the members of Servas.

The Executives and other members of Servas Pakistan who made speech regarding peace orientation were:
Mr. Zia Haider Rizvi, Dr. Riaz Ahmad, Mr. Shahzad Akhtar, Mr. Khalid Shahzad, Mian Muhammad Afzal, Mr. Imtiaz Rai, Mr. A. Latif Rashad, Mr. Muhammad Naseem, Mr. Muhammad Amjad & Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan.

All the members conveyed their message about taking further steps to promote peace process and offer whole hearted support in this regard.

Mr. Muhammad Naseem announces the upcoming Servas Pakistan election may be held at the end of the year 2012. The members who want to participate in the election were informed about the requirements.

The president expressed his satisfaction about the efforts made by the Servas members and stress upon the untiring efforts for the eradication of the hated and prejudice all around.

It was also decided that Pakistan-India joint peace conference will be held at Lahore, Pakistan in October 2012, in the end refreshments were made and with a pray that may god succeed all the peace promoters in there noble mission the meeting concluded.

Report by:

Muhammad Amjad

Information Secretary

Servas Pakistan