A delegation from Servas Pakistan including Mr. Muhammad Naseem, Mrs. Noreen Mirza, Mr. Muhammad Amjad & Mr. Muhammad Nadeem attended the Servas International Conference GA-2009 at Mar del Plata Argentina in September 2009.
It was a tremendous & fascinating experience joining the people of so many countries where Servas is playing its role.
The people from different cultures, religions, creed, colors & languages got together for the sake of a common purpose of spreading peace & love all over the world.

The RCT hotel at Mar del Plata, where the conference celebration took place situated near the lovely sea-view offering indescribable pleasure to all the Servas family.
Beside enjoyment & loving atmosphere all around the delegate learnt a lot about how to perform their character to its maximum strength.

The management of Servas Argentina arranged this whole program in an ideal fashion, Mr. Pablo Colangelo, the National Secretary of Servas Argentina put up his maximum efforts to make this event successful & ultimately he was very much up to the required standard.
He brilliantly managed each & everything from beginning to the end. His warm reception & dealing with all the guests was just remarkable, an exemplary hospitality was offered & an air of love & affection was all around.

Another attraction of this event was the election of Servas International Executive Committee for the next three years in which the following people were elected.

  • 1- President: Mr. Gary Sealey of Canada
  • 2- Vice President: Mr. Pramod Kumar of India
  • 3- General Secretary: Mrs. Penny Pattison of Canada
  • 4- Treasurer: Mr. Miroslaw Wasilewski of Poland
  • 5- Peace Secretary: Mr. Jong Soo Kim of South Korea
  • 6- Host List Officer: Mr. Pablo Hernan Colangelo of Argentina
  • On behalf of Servas Pakistan, The National Secretary Mr. Muhammad Naseem expressed his compliments to all the candidates which have been elected for the above mentioned key posts & pay his hearty congratulations to the core of his heart & pray to God that the presently elected EXCO may succeed in their noble mission of prevailing peace to fulfillment.

    Servas Pakistan delegate also stayed in La Plata for one night at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Maria Ines Boffi one of the Servas member, we also pay our thanks to them for their kind hospitality & love.
    Thanks for Monica Bing & Laura Ragucci of Buenos Aires, being with us for couple of hours & also thanks for their kind dinner & tea pary. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLA.
    Mr. Muhammad Naseem & Mrs. Noren Mirza worked a lot for the betterment of Peace & conveyed the message to Servas International that they must do every possible thing for the enhancement of Peace & love going shoulder by shoulder with the Servas World Community.

    The golden memories of Servas GA event in Argentina could never ever be erased. GA 2009 group picture

    Muhammad Amjad - Secretary Information Servas Pakistan