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On 28th of February 2010, a Servas Pakistan meeting in account of Servas Pakistan election was held at the residence of Dr. Riaz Ahmad (a senior Servas member)

The main attraction of the meeting was the election result.

In the previous meeting of 25th December 2009, Mr. Muhammad Naseem announced the election date. In this regard a schedule & procedure with the nomination form were sent to all the Servas members & requested them to send their nomination forms before the 10th of February 2010, to participate in the election but instead of being indulged into the process of election all the Servas members expressed their satisfaction on the former Servas Pakistan National Secretary Mr. Muhammad Naseem & his executive body & they unanimously decide that already existed Servas Pakistan executive body would remain unchanged for the next three year tenure.

Mr. Muhammad Naseem who is presently the founder President of Servas Pakistan announce the name of Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan as a new unopposed elected National Secretary who is very competent, qualified, well versed with the management process & with a dynamic personality. Here are the names of other unopposed elected executive body members for the next three years tenure:

Mr. Muhammad Arshad Khan (Senior Deputy Secretary)

Mr. Shahzad Akhtar Siddiqi (Deputy Secretary)

Mr. Muhammad Amjad (Secretary Infirmation)

Mr. Muhammad Nadeem (Treasurer)

Mr. Mahmood Iqbal (Host List Officer)

Mrs. Noreen Mirza (Peace Secretary & Editor Servas Pakistan News Letter)

Mr. Nauman Naseem (Youth Coordinator)

Miss. Saima Riaz (Deputy Youth Coordinator)

Apart from election, travel experiences were also shared by the Servas members, many amendments in the rules & regulations were also made.

Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan (newly elected National Secretary) announced many strict decisions in order to make Servas Pakistan exemplary in future. He focused on the devotion & dedication of all Servas members for the betterment of Peace.

A former member of Servas Pakistan Mr. Tanveer Ahmad of Green Town Lahore, membership # PL-015 was terminated on account of his misconduct & dealing with the Servas Pakistan affairs non seriously, it was announced that Servas Pakistan do not have any business with him & he is no more member of this organization.

Recently elected Servas Pakistan executive body & all the members paid a rich tribute to the great leadership of Mr. Muhammad Naseem who has been an unmatched personality to uplift the image of Pakistan internationally, throughout his career.

He conveyed a noble message to all the members of Servas Pakistan to have solidarity of determination & integrity to make the Servas tree greener & greener in future.

Senior Deputy Secretary Mr. Muhammad Arshad Khan mentioned briefly the duties of newly elected executive body.

Finally, the president of Servas Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Naseem took an oath from the newly elected executive members.

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