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Servas come from Esperanto meaning " to serve" In our association, we open our doors through a network to hosting and travelling in the service of Peace.

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  Servas South Central West Asia Conference
Lahore Pakistan Oct 2013.

   Servas Korea Conference, Gyeong-Ju - 17-18 November 2012

   Servas Taiwan Annual General Meeting, Taipei. 24 Nov 2012

  Servas Pakistan National Meeting - 30 Dec 2012

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Dear Servas travelers,

Servas Pakistan welcomes you every time to our beautiful country.

A trip to Pakistan is a face to face with a fascinating land that has withstood countless invasions and preserved the essence of its conquerors in its present day monuments and archaeological heritage.

Half a dozen civilizations have flourished here and left their imprints. Historically this is one of the most ancient lands known to man. Its cities flourished before Babylon was built.. Its people practiced the arat of good living and citizenship before the celebrated ancient Greeks.

One can see the excavated sites at Moenjodaro and Taxila - seats of the ancient Indus Valley and Gandhara civillizations, the architectural monuments of the Moguls, the Khyber Pass - the historic inlet to South Asia.

Through our Servas network, you will get an opportunity to see the real Pakistan, all Pakistan hosts are willing to accommodate you and show you their Pakistan.

  2012 Servas Pakistan National Meeting Report

Tips for Servas travelers

It is suggested that Servas Traveler should write to Hosts in Pakistan at least one month in advance.

It is also advisable to send copies to National Secretary and Area coordianator for prompt reply in case the Host is not available. Area coordinator will help in finding other suitable hosts.

Ramzan is a month of fasting, if possible, we request you to avoid visiting Pakistan at this period.

The best months to visit are from September to April in the plains and May to October in the hills.


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