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Our Own Amazing Race

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It's funny that I just got an email from Marni today talking about the Amazing Race, because that's what we felt like we were on yesterday during our tour of Mauritius. We hired one of Mineswar's friends who's a cab driver to take us around the island and see all the major sights: scenic views of waterfalls and volcanic craters, a tea plantation and factory, glass factory and museum, model ship factory, colonial mansion, a temple at a holy lake, and seven colored earth park. It might seem like a race in itself just to see all these things in one day, but the fun part was that we had competitors! We kept seeing the same people at different stops throughout the day--all following the same tourist trail. I think the German couple dressed all in white would've probably been the winners (we've got a picture of them coming soon!). And we most likely would've been eliminated, we're just too slow and not used to the "tourist thing"!

It was all great to see though, and we learned about all kinds of things: from Mauritian history to Dodo birds to how tea is made. Mineswar's wife Rambah and son Shakeel were also able to join us, which was really nice. We went out to eat in Chinatown of Port Louis that night with the family--yummy food and good company. Michael and I were talking again today about what a great family they are and how happy we are to have met them.

The next morning we got to catch a glimpse of Mineswar teaching his accounting class before we hiked up "The Thumb" mountain with Rambah and Joseph, another Servas host and friend of the family. It was a nice hike with gorgeous views, but my legs aren't used to all that physical exercise (South Africa made us lazy!)

We packed our bags and headed to the waterfront area to upload new photos only to find the internet cafe closed due to a national holiday--so pictures will have to wait again till a faster connection. On our bus ride to the airport we lost another Nalgene bottle, the second in only 10 days (the first disappeared somewhere in Grahamstown). I don't know what's going on, but hopefully people are getting good use out of them somewhere!

We were a bit tired out from another overnight flight, but have already been out enjoying the lively streets (and great food!) of Mumbai. More after a good night's sleep...Namaste.

Bathing The Monkey God

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We've landed safely on the beautiful island of Mauritius. It's absolutely stunning here - blue-green ocean waters and long stretches of white sandy beaches along the coast and lush green tropical plants and trees inland. It's the quintessential island paradise.

We'll do a proper update from India but so far we've had a great time. Our Servas host family took us to a Hindu ceremony last night in honor of Hanuman, the "monkey deity reknown for his courage, power and faithful, selfless service." The ceremony focused for 2 hours around the bathing of a 10 foot tall statue of Hanuman in milk curds, honey, coconut milk and water. The temple was filled with plenty of music, singing and sweet-smelling incense. It was fascinating and we have photos and sound clips from the ceremony that we'll post soon.

Finally, we'd like to share an article with everyone about our dear, dear friend Mr. Dave Silver who is saving the mile at a time. Go Dave!