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  • Edited by Rey Joseph


    Mauritius is evocative of an island of powery white beaches lapped by limpid pale blue lagoons, palm trees and coral reefs.It was inhabited until the seventeenth century. There are no indignenous people and today the population is composed of Indians, Africans, European and Chinese who are so culturally integrated that when asked 'What nationality are you?' simply replied 'Mauritian'.

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    Confusion lingers when you first steps into the island. The official language is English, but all the main newspapers are published in French. Indian movies are screened daily on the national tv channels. And Creole is the common language!

    Mauritius is not the only refuge in this remote corner of the world. No visit to the restless and mysterious Indian Ocean would be completely satisfactory, without a glance at the two sister islands, Rodrigues and Reunion geographically so close, yet so far in character and culture.