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By plane
Malawi's largest international airport is in Lilongwe, although there are also some flights from Blantyre to regional destinations. Most travelers connect via Johannesburg (South Africa) or Nairobi (Kenya). State carrier Air Malawi [2] claims to be "Africa's Friendliest Airline", but its limited network covers only nearby countries plus Middle Eastern hub Dubai. The previous international departure tax of $30 is now included in the air fare.

By train
There are trains twice a week from Blantyre to Cuamba and Nampula in northern Mozambique, although a 77-kilometer stretch of track between the Mozambique border and Cuamba is out of commission and must be covered by truck.


By boat A ferry runs twice a week from Likoma Island to Cobuč in Mozambique.

By car
The main road (M1) runs from the northern border (Kaporo) through Karonga, Mzuzu, Lilongwe and finally to Mchinji and is in excellent shape. There is an excellent road from Lilongwe to Mchinji on the Zambian border (120 km).

By bus
To get into Malawi from Mozambique, in the south, one can take the bus from Tete (north-west Mozambique) to Zobwe. After crossing, take another bus from the border to Blantyre. This crossing is quite hectic, and it is closed at night, so one should plan on getting there early, and trying to keep it cool with all the border-hawkers.
Direct buses run from Lusaka, Zambia to Lilongwe, but are best avoided (or done in stretches) if 18-20 hours on a bus doesn't sound like your idea of a good time.
There is also minibus from Mbeya in Tanzania to the border. From the border in Malawi Side, take a taxi to Karonga. The cost is around 400-500 MK depend on negotiation. From Karonga bus station, take a bus or minibus to other destinations in Malawi. Bus is cheaper than minibus. The easiest way take direct bus from Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania to Mzuzu or Lilongwe.

Axa Coach Services service the Blantyre Mzuzu route and the Blantyre – Karonga route. The Coaches makes limited stops at all district centres. The fare to Mzuzu is K2,600 instant and K2,500 advance booking offer, and to Karonga is K3,600 instant and K3,500 advance booking offer.

United Bus Company Limited (UBC) are now providing passenger transport services in some of the most deficient rural places such as Euthini, Nthenachena, Mabulabo in the Northern Region, Chulu, Simlemba, Santhe and Dowa in Central Region and Jali, Makwasa and Neno in the Southern Region