Practical infos for Tananarivo


Antananarivo, shortened to Tana by tourists and locals alike, is the bustling capital of Madagascar. Built on hillsides and ridges and ringed with rice paddies. Antananarivo is a great city to explore by foot, but be warned that its streets and many stairways are steep and demanding.

Every third saturday, ORTANA ( Tana Tourist Office )
Ranavalona Stairs, Ifanomezantsoa Building, organises an outing around Tana. Advance booking required

Antananarivo has a temperate climate. Owing to its high elevation of 1,300 to 1,400 metres above sea level, the city is known for its mild climate. Temperatures in Antananarivo range from 9 °C to 25 °C. Antananarivo receives practically all of its average annual 1.4 meters of rainfall between November and April.

Airport Bus : There is a shuttle bus from Ivato airport to the centre of Tananarive every 45 mins for 6000 Arias. From there, you can take a taxi to any place in the city for 5000 Arias.

Taxi Brousse from Tana

The best way to know and see every day life is to take taxi brousse for visiting the countryside.
The road is paved all the way south to Tulear, to Mahajanga / Antsiranana to the north and to Toamasina to the west.

North and west of Tana ( Ambodivana taxi brousse station )

Tana - Mahajanga ( Majunga ) RN4 .. departure 6 - 9 am for the 10 hrs trip. Also night buses.

Tana - Toamasina ( Tamatave ) RN2 .. departure all day for the 8 hrs trip . The fares

Tana - Antsiranana ( Diego Suarez ) RN2/ RN6 .. departure night for the 24 hrs trip

It may be possible to do a two day journey for Antsiranana ( Tana - Boriziny ( Port Berger ), Boriziny - Antsiranana

Mahajanga - Antsiranana ( Diego Suarez ) RN6 .. night departure for the 24 hrs trip

South of Tana ( Fasan'ny taxi brousse station )

Tana - Antsirabe RN7 .. all day departure for the 3 hrs trip

  Along RN7

Antsirabe - Morondave .. 3 pm daily departure for the overnight trip


Fiatnarantsoa - Toliary RN7 .. morning departure ( 6 - 9 am ) for the overnight trip

Fiatnarantsoa - Tolagnaro ( Fort Dauphin ) .. 10 pm departure for the 36 hours trip

Fiatnarantsoa - Morondave .. 3 pm departure twice a week for the 18 hours trip


Toliary - Tolagnaro ( Fort Dauphin ) .. 3 pm departure for the 36 hours trip

Toliary - Tana .. night departure for the 18 hours trip

  The FCE (Fianarantsoa–Côte Est)

The train leaves Fianarantsoa early each morning and chugs on lines built in the 1930s through plantations and past hills and waterfalls, reaching Manakara around seven hours later.

Departures from Fianarantsoa are scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 7am, and from Manakara on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 7am