Travel Report

Titan Serge, National Secretary, Delegate of Servas Congo

  With the name of all Servas Congo Brazzaville members I would like to say thank you to Servas Belgium and Luxembourg members for theirs kindness and support towards my trip to attend as Congo Brazzaville delegate from 6th to 10th December 2007 the Servas Africa Area Meeting in Livingstone, Zambia.

The meeting was interesting with wonderful exchange of experience we discussed many subjects and have times for games and fun activities. It was a pleasure for me spending times with different people and culture backgrounds also exploring new different way of functioning of Servas group from others Servas group delegate who come to participate. I started my trip by plane in departure of Kinshasa in D.R.C to Lusaka via Harare in Zimbabwe and from Lusaka took a bus for Livingstone where the meeting was held. Before to left Kinshasa Airport I have known some harassment with the immigration agents demanded to pay to them some tax for complicated reason that I didn't understood, but I was obliged to pay so I had to spend much more than provided so that when I arrived in Lusaka, I had not enough money to cover my transport to Livingstone

Here I need to thanks the co-National Secretary of Servas Zambia Mr Mateke who I called from the Lusaka airport for the situation and he helped me and negotiated on the phone with a kind taxi driver who accepted to drive me from Lusaka airport to the bus station in the town and Mr Mateke promised to transfer to him the bill next day. I left Lusaka at the evening and I arrived the same day at the night in Livingstone. Mr Mateke was again there for pick up me in the Livingstone station's bus to his home where I was host during the meeting.

I had come two days after the beginning of the meeting so my first day into the meeting started exceptionally with learning each others names, after I had words for presenting the country annual report and respond to some questions from some delegates about the functioning of our group and our Country. After we discussed about national meetings processes and expectations, difficulties and realities, Servas history, background, communication issues….

After lunch we went to excursion to Victoria Falls and Mushi-o-Tunya Game Park, I was very amazing for my first time to see the Victoria and in the park the white Rhino. Return from excursion as a National Secretary I participated in the election of the new Area Coordination Committee. After the election all the delegates joined us to watch the EGA Latina video.

Next day the morning was free time for church or sight seeing I use it to visit a farm and the Livingstone Museum and Maramba market. In afternoon was the time for the meeting we discussed about the finances expectation and realities, planning for the next meeting, evaluation of the meeting and we made group photo, farewell closing session, vote and thanks.

Next day Monday 10th December end of programme and delegate depart. For the reason of my fly programme I stayed ten days again in Zambia I spent 7 days in Livingstone and 3 days in Lusaka. I'm very grateful to all my host after the meeting in Livingstone, VIMBI and CLARE and all their three children for the wonderful time we spent and in Lusaka AGGREY and his with and all their children.

The AMM was an occasion for me to learn more about Servas: The Servas International Committee personal; The role and importance of the Area coordination committee; I experienced one of the goals of Servas "Friendship" that was reigning during the meeting; some Servas events and cycles significant to Servas. I also learned about, for example, the Letter of Introduction given to travellers; the General Assembly meeting; Servas communication through The Servas International News where articles could be published what about each national group; and so on.

As a national Secretary the AMM was of value, necessary and of great benefit to me and our group because it allowed me to meet other Servas groups and to learn from them some ways of working- for example: some important elements to put on the Host Lists: The country history's, geography and the currency, how to produce a Letter of Introduction and what to put inside and how to use it, [here I would like to thank SHELDON for he produced for me my very first Letter of Introduction which was used to me as model for the other members in the country].

It should be noted that one of the objective of this meeting was: to strengthen and to further Servas and guide its growth; as a new group our representation by me was necessary within the framework of discussion amongst other things and the light shown on the role of each officer in a group what allows the effectiveness in work things that we need to instigate in the group. The AMM was also an occasion to present our group and our different projects and explain the difficulties we have through our annual report.
I think the cost to Servas where not high because of the lack of direct fly to Zambia from my country so the expensive cost of travelling who goes up then prevision.
I found the meeting and my staying after the meeting very wonderful experience.
Thanks to the organisers, all the delegates and especially to VIMBI and CLARE, and Mr AGGREY.